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Rejected Netherland visiting visa

I was applied a visa application to Netherland embassy in India for visit my friend in Netherlands
Unfortunately i got a refusal letter
I submitted following document
-valid passport with space of 3 blank sheet
- application updated form
- cover letter explaining my intention of visit
- booked flight ticket
- my company letter head leave letter
- my employment contract
- travel insurance
- bank statements
- my friend passport,salary slip,bank statement,contract of work,main house paper and seal for staying with him,invitation letter,proof of our relationship like photos,contacting mass media details ,friend visited my country details,his visum details when he visited ,also his stayed hotels

These many things I given by apply for visit of my friend in Netherland ,but embassy is rejected my application due to some reason

Embassy can't understand or believe our relationship,i have not explained my intention,my proof of employment is not good,my bank statements are wrong,im migrating to Holland,my documents that I submitted is fake

So I'm asking why should embassy is doing like this,is there is any chance to appeal against my refusal ,did embassy can give visa by appeal,wjat is the good option to visit my friend in Netherland

I hope anybody can give me a good answer to get Visa from Netherland embassy in india


  • @[email protected]
    Schengen visas have standard refusals, they do not go into details in refusals saying they do not believe relationships or your proof of employment or bank statements are wrong.
    They can say you have submitted fraudulent documents.That can be serious and prevent you obtaining future visas

    Without knowing the exact wording of your refusal we cannot help you.
    One thing I do know is you have not mentioned what you provided as evidence of ties to your home country
  • First of all thanking you for kind reply

    Really I submitted my employment leave certificate to return to my country ,also I had given the contract paper of my work,so the embassy can understand i can go back to my country ,so they never looking my contract or my documents I submitted

    Why you said I do fraudulent ??

    Because I mentioned embassy as much documents that I'm genuine travellers
  • edited August 2016
    Your post makes no senses at all.
    Let me make it clear. No one is entitled to a visa . If the embassy are not happy with your documents the visa will be refused. Presenting fraudulent documents is a serious matter and may have a serious affect on future visa applications.

    Finally proof of employment is not evidence of strong ties to your home country.
  • @saju52
    i understand your situation.

    it either the caseworker notice some errors in your statement of account,your salary did not appear in your bank statement.etc

    your purpose of travel was not properly explain in your cover letter.

    your employment contract has some contradictions or does not contain vital information of employment or your signature is not in the contract.

    will advice you to go through your documents properly, i believe you will see for yourself.
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