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Visa D: married Bulgarian woman in Tunisia

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@Alethia @Lesley
hey guys i got finaly married with the beloved one,
now we processing the Visa D process for bulgarian embassy
any advica will be helpful thank u!


  • What advice are you asking for when you give zero info, not even your nationality....

    Congrats on the wedding.

  • @guerradios please remember that if you are going to start a new thread, people don't always remember who you are and your back story, so it's important you relay all the information needed in your new discussion/question. Nothing wrong with re-introducing yourself.

    Good luck on your visa quest.
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    @alethia @lesley @lucyH @CheersT im Tunisian Man marriaed to bulgarian woman
    im working on the visa D papers

    im starting on translating the marriage into frensh and legelise it in the embassy and send it to my wife so she put it in bulgarian munucpulate and get the bulgarian marriage certficte with it i apply for visa

    includes some declarations that she need to do

    -( work ( declaration )
    -house ( declaration notaire signed )
    - declaration that our marriage not fake ( notaire signed )

    in tunisia
    - i do B3
    -birth certifcate
    -travel insurrence ( cheapest is at Post for 100 dinar for 1 year )
    -and visa application form

    my questiions are : any advice or idea i can get so i dont do any mistake in this type of visa ?
    second question : they told her :
    -she rent house or
    - own house or
    -her mom+sister declare agreement of my stay in that house

    ----------> what about if her mom have another house and she rent it to my wife ? still need sister agreement declaration ?

    thank u @CheersT
  • @guerradios
    Congratulations on your marriage.

    If her mother has another house she can make a rent contract with your wife and then there is no need for the sister to do a declaration. Better to live alone with your wife anyway.
    You will need a police check from Tunisia that is translated and notarised (B3)
    I have looked at the Bulgarian Ministry of Affairs D visit requirements and you seem to have everything.
    Good luck
  • B3 i take it from minestery of interier police department
    i take it to the state for apostil
    then miestery of forigen affairs
    i can get B3 frensh form from the minestery
    why i need go notaire for the B3 ?
  • @guerradios
    As you took the document for the apostille at the ministry you do not need to go to a notaire. Frankly you have seem to have everyuthing under control and do not really need any help.
    Good luck.
  • @alethia i have another question ,
    -when my passport ends in Bulgaria where i renew it since we dont have a embassy in bulgaria possibel i enter Romania to renew it as tunisia embassy exist there ? if yes what papers needed to do so and what happen to my visa if its longer then my passport validity !!!

  • @guerradios
    The simple thing to do is go on holiday to Tunisia and renew it there. The D visa allows you to enter Bulgaria then you should apply for a residence permit which is not put in your passport but is an ID card , similar to the Tunisian ID.

    The Bulgarian residence permit allows you to travel in Europe so if you want to go to Romania to the Bulgarian Embassy you can. However renewing a passport in Tunisia is always easier.
  • they told me in the embassy bulgaria embassy gives ( carte séjour ) i apply for Visa D but they give me carte séjour dunno what its mean

    and when passport is renewed i dont lose the Visa on it?
    and its hard to get the residence permit there ?
    and whats papers will be required to apply for renew passport in romania ?
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    I repeat , in EEA countries you are not given a visa in the passport you are give a residence permit which is like the Tunisian carte séjour which you carry seperately from your passport.
    The residence permit is usually issued without any problem as the Bulgarian Embassy explained already.
    A Tunisian passport is valid for 5 years so why are so worried about the expiry of your passport? I have no idea what a Tunisian Embassy would need for you to renew a Tunisian passport phone them up and ask them. As I said its easier to go on holiday to Tunisia to renew a passport
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    if i unterstand right , i apply for Visa D but its not gonna be in passport it will e as an ID card right ?
    and about my passport its just my passport ends 14/04/2017
  • @guerradios
    This is the third time I have said this. Either go to to Tunisia and apply for a new passport
    or go to the Tunisian Embassy in Romania.
    I have no idea what a Tunisian Embassy would need for you to renew a Tunisian passport phone them up and ask them.
  • @alethia thank u alethia i think i shall pick romania
    because my passport expire in 14/04/2017
    i cannot afford 2 trips go and back within 6 monthes so much honesly
  • @Alethia if her mom instead of renting her ahouse she allow her to live in a house
    her mom and sister need to make a notaire declaration that they alow this ? includes my wife declaration of my stay in that house ?
  • edited September 2016
    @guerradios y
    It's quite normal to live with wifes family. You will need evidence to show your mother in law owns the house and statements from the notary are fine.
  • edited August 2016
    yes but her sister need to do notaire agrrement declaration too right? cause in embassy they told her if u gonna live in any of ur mother houses u need a notaire declaration from ur mother and sister by notaire made that they are fine about it
    inculudes a declaration from my wife that she provide the house for me and for my stay
    so totaly 3 declarations+ the paper shows that her mother awns the house im right ? correct me if im not @Alethia

    elso they need be just translated no need minstery of forigen affairs of bulgaria to stamp them this what embassy said cause they are fom the main country
  • @Alethia @Lesley Hey i ahve everything under controle but 1 thing i wnna be sure about please
    the house notaired declarations of me living in her mom house is unterstood
    -her mom declaratio
    -her sister declaration
    -my wife declaration
    but do i needa copy of the owning house paper too or no need as papers is notaired?
  • @guerradios
    You must definately show the title deed of the house. This shows your mother in law owns the house
  • @alethia my mother in law will show that paper at the notaire when doing the declaration and the notaire will certifie that everything stated in the declaration is truth uncluding that my mother in law owns the house
  • @guerradios
    A notarised copy of the house deed must be given with your application, as well as your mother in laws declaration.
  • @Alethia a normal copy and at the notaire he will cetifie it right?

    thank u...
  • @guerradios
    Your mother in law must take the original house deed to the notaire who will then make a notarised copy.
  • ok @Alethia Thank u so much
    as well they told me that my passport have 7 monthes on it i need atleast 3 year on it or 2 minimum for this type of Visa , im working on renewing my passport its dammn hard without the date of expiry ends

    anyhow by accedent do u have any idea about the notaire prices for the declarations like this in bg or europe ? tahnk u
  • @guerradios
    I told you several times to make a new passport instead of worrying over renewal dates. It is easy to make a passport in Tunisia so I do not understand the problem.

    As for notaire prices, I do not know how much Bulgarians charge to certify declarations.

    The person you should be asking is your wife as it is normally the spouse in the EU country that pays for and prepares these declarations and visas, not the spouse in Tunisia.
  • @Alethia thank u, and i unterstand what ur saying
    i wnna ask u as well , when my Visa D expire in Bulgaria i renew it there or i need back tunisia to reapply ?
  • @guerradios
    You extend the visa in Bulgaria.
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    @Alethia at the police station there ?
    from embassy they give me 1 year on the visa D when i extend they give me another 1 year or more ?
    and with VIsa D i can transit in italy ?
  • @guerradios
    I have explained this before. The D visa is a short term visa that enables you to enter Bulgaria. Once you arrive in Bulgaria, you should apply for a residence permit as soon as possible. The residence permit is like the Tunisian carte séjour which you carry seperately from your passport.

    If you’re successful in obtaining a Type D visa from the Bulgarian embassy in Tunisia you should have no trouble obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria.

    The residence permit must be renewed each year for 5 years after this you will be granted permanent residence.

    Bulgaria is not part of the Schengen zone at this time, so to travel to Italy you will need a Schengen visa, but as you are married to a Bulgarian the visa will be free of charge.
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    @Alethia I unterstand thank you
    the visa D from bulgaria embassy is 1 year visa Alethia they told me they call it visa D but they give me Residence permit from the bulgarian embassy not actualy Visa D, a guy married to bulgarian woman i met in the embassy told me this !! anyway in all cases ill renew it there so its ok
    and about flying italy , i think ill do ( Tunisia---> turkey---> bulgaria) less Visa things
    but when im in bulgaria i cant go anywhere around ? like romania ?
  • edited September 2016
    Bulgaria and Romania are not yet members of the Schengen zone. Once they are members you can travel freely with your residence permit but until that time you will need a visa.
    As your wife is an EEA citizen you should have no problem to obtain a visa which will be free of charge.
  • @Alethia whats mean free of charge ?
    and one more thing as in Bulgaria there is no Tunisian embassy ill be no need of sign in in the closest tunsiian embassy to me ?
  • edited September 2016
    Free of charge means you do not pay any money . Normally a Schengen visit visa costs
    60 Euros but as you are married to an EEA citizen the visa is free when you visit another EU country.

    Why would you need to sign at a Bulgarian Embassy?
  • edited September 2016
    @Alethia i dont sign in bulgarian embassy
    i need sign in Tunisian embassy i read it in my passport it saying
    ( if u plan to residence in any country please sign in in the closest deplomatic or embassy of tunisia )
    and bulgaria dosent have tunisian embassy what i do ? or it dosent metter ?
  • edited September 2016

    There is no Tunisian Embassy in Bulgaria and the nearest Tunisian Embassy is in Bucharest Romania ,400 kilometres away. You will need to apply for a Romanian visa then travel to Bucharest, to do what ? Say hello I am Tunisian and I live in Bulgaria. So if you and your wife have lots of time and money to spare then go if not stop worrying about unimportant things.
  • @Alethia most men want to be with their wifes im rdy walk for my wife from tunisia to bulgaria for her
    but i wnna be sure when im there i do everything the right way so will be no problem and will be no AH i should did or blaming the past so i ask experts like u to assist me so i have plan of everything
    thank u alethia for everything pruciiate it
  • @alethia anyway whats the papers i need for schengen Visa of my case ?
  • @guerradios
    Romania and Bulgaria are not yet part of the Schengen visa agreement. So you need to get a Romanian visa for Romania.
    Romanian Embassy
    1, Shipchenski Prohod Street, Sofia
    Phone: 00359-2-973.35.10
    Fax: 00359-2-973.34.12
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Working hours with the public ;
    Monday: 9.00 - 12.00
    Wednesday: 9.00 - 12.00, 14.00-16.00
    Friday: 9.00-12.00

    As for a Schengen visa it depends what country you want to visit as each have their own procedure.

    I suggest you obtain your Bulgarian residence permit first then apply for other visas.

  • @Alethia okay thanks so much
    and about my driving licenses i need translate them it in tunisia or redo in bulgaria hows the process for that ?
  • @guerradios
    I do not know about driving licenses, try asking your wife
  • @Alethia okay ill check it up, thank u for ur help !
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