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Can I use my newly issue SA passport to enter and exit SA if I leave the UK and Europe on my British

I am due to travel in less than 10 days for a three week stay in South Africa.
I renewed my SA passport in South Africa during my many trips there last year. The Passport was issued in Randburg.
On the basis of the above can I enter and exit South Africa on a new, blank SA passport?


  • I have dual nationality and will be leaving the UK and Europe on my British passport. So re-entry to Europe and UK will be with British passport.
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    As a dual national, you use your UK passport to leave and enter the UK and your SA passport to enter and leave South Africa. That is the whole point of being a dual national, to enter each country without hindrance.
  • @GRocks30 that shouldn't be a problem. South African border control has strict rules about South African citizens entering the country on anything other than their SA passports (even if they are legally dual citizens) so you actually really need to use your SA passport to enter and leave the country.
  • My concern is the fact that when I entered SA in December last year (and picked my new SA passport up during my stay) I used my British passport and I left on that one too.
    My SA passport will be clean, unstamped showing issued in Randburg, South Africa. Will this not cause issues?
  • Your new passport being blank shouldn't be a problem - you may have to explain by showing them the exit stamp in your British passport but dual citizens are common in SA so I doubt they'll skip a beat.
  • My concern is that I entered SA on my British passport in December (and picked up my SA passport from Randburg during me stay). I exited with British passport.
    My SA passport will be blank, will they not question why it doesn't show exit if I picked it up in Randburg?
  • @GRocks30
    You really are making a mountain out of a molehill. @Ella Johnson lives in South Africa and often. travels internationally, so take her advice.
    By rights you should have used your SA passport to leave last December not your British passport, but it is nothing to be worried about.
    Do you think the SA immigration have never seen a NEW blank SA passport before?
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    @GRocks30, I have only just understood your concern about the 'blank' passport - I thought you were worried about the fact that it wouldn't show a UK exit stamp. Technically you did act illegally by travelling to SA as an SA citizen on your British passport on your last visit, but they are very unlikely to penalise you for that retrospectively. I seriously doubt they'll even notice. Chances are you'll be waved through without question on your new passport - even if they notice a discrepancy they might well just assume it was collected on your behalf (which is allowed in SA) and posted to you.
  • Ella, I assumed because I had entered with my British passport that I needed to exit with it. Thanks for your help.
  • Good luck!
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