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Tourist Visa for US citizen


I have a trip to Dubai planned for two weeks in October. From what I've gathered, I would be able to obtain a visit visa on arrival good for up to 30 days. My question is what documentation other than my government ID and passport would I need to have prepared with me?

Also, by on arrival, does this mean that they have the visa office on location at the Dubai DWC airport? Thanks in advance for any feedback and assistance.


  • @misenplace
    There is no visa office, at Dubai airport. You simply disembark the plane ,go to immigration and stand in line. The immigration officer will stamp your passport with a 30 day visa.
    If you are travelling on business have in your hand baggage evidence of where you will stay etc.
    I am British and never had a problem entering Dubai just show your passport.
  • Okay, that answers my question. Thank you very much for the quick reply.
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