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Possible to travel to Romania from Bulgaria to renew Tunisian passport?

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Hi im tunisian man married to bulgarian woman
doing process of the Visa D

my passport ends by 14/04/2017
but in bilgaria dosent exist tunisian embassy my question is ;

1-the Visa D allow me to enter romania to renew my passport?
2-i read in artical the embassy of tunisia require that i need to sign into that embassy if im in the terrotiory of the country of where the embassy but im in bulgaria how i can do the sign in ?
3-passport end 14/04/2017 when exactly shall i go renew it before 2 days 1 day or after it ends ?
4-if my visa D ends there i can renew it in Bulgaria or i have to come back tunisia ?
thanks to everyone that could help
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    Instead of woorrrying about what will happen with your passport next year. Go and get a new passport before you leave Tunisia. Explain why you need a new passport . Simple.

    If you insist on continueing this drama go to Romania one week before expiry.

    I have told you several times now that Bulgaria will give you a RESIDENCE CARD similar to the Tunisian residence card. With this residence card you can travel freely in the Schengen zone. As you are married to an EEA citizen you can travel easily with her throughout the Schengen area.
  • ok thanks
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