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American citizen living in Japan - visa for Bangladesh?

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I am a resident of Japan but I carry a US passport. I went to the Bangladesh Embassy in Tokyo to apply for a visa, but I required additional forms that weren't specified on the website.
The employee recommended that I wait to get a visa upon arrival in Dhaka. She said I could pay USD50 at the airport (It is JPY14,000 from here, almost USD150) and use the application form and photographs I already had.
Online, though, I find different information regarding this.
I have an onward ticket and sufficient funds. I will be arriving by plane from India. I don't have time to arrange a visa from Japan at this point (although I will be visiting United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Rwanda and India before arriving in Bangladesh if anything can be done there..). I plan to stay for 5 days in Chittagong (to visit the Asian University for Women, although I have not been officially 'invited').

Any idea whether I will be able to get a visa upon landing or landing permission? Or any advice on how to increase my chances, paperwork that might be helpful, etc?

Thanks a lot!!!


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    Hi Arwen,

    you can obtain visa in Dhaka, but US Dept of State warns about potential trouble. Since you do not have time, I recommend just give it a try: "A passport, visa and onward/return ticket are required. The United States is on a list of countries eligible for visitor (tourist) visas on arrival (landing permits); however, the government of Bangladesh has not widely publicized its policy for visas on arrival, and travelers may encounter delays in airport visa issuance or be refused entry if they do not have visas prior to arrival. Additionally, if issued, landing permit validity is usually limited to a maximum of fifteen days. Therefore, we recommend that travelers obtain visas prior to arrival. A valid visa in an expired or canceled U.S. passport is not acceptable to the Bangladeshi authorities; if you are issued a new U.S. passport, you will need a new visa."

    If I could be of further assistance, please let me know

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    hi i am a bangladeshi passport holder working in malaysia...can anyone tell me weather i can apply for japanese working visa from malaysia or not???
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    You can not apply for Japanese working visa directly from any where. Because of you are a Bangladeshi.
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    689, it depends. If you received a COE from Japan, and have a working visa in Malaysia, the Japanese consulate in Malaysia should be able to help you with a work visa --without charge. Process takes 3 days min.

    The staff follows precise instructions, if you present the COE, passport and photos, they will verify your status, and inform you instantly at the window- the procedures. If they do not require additional details, they will present a receipt for your collection.

    Uniquely, in Japan, a COE is similar to an open check- it is one category that varies from the complications in other visa processes. Receiving a COE means that Japan Immigration has your documents verified, and Japan Immigration has approved the passport holder to enter to work in Japan. The Consulate has to fulfill their obligation and process your work visa quickly within the time frame. It does not matter who or what you are---as long as you hold a COE.
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