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Can the French embassy get my US visa cancelled?

I'm applying for a French student visa soon in India and since I'm unemployed at this point in time,I wanted to continue my education in France so I can get better opportunities here when I come back. I do however have a B1/B2 visa valid for ten years issued outside of my home country.

Although I haven't used it in a long time and neither do I plan to use it again soon, I would like to know if the French embassy can cancel my US visitor visa or pass my information to the US embassy for visa cancellation in case I don't qualify for the French student visa itself. I know that when you're unemployed, you don't qualify for a B2 visa until you're employed back again. Am I overthinking it!!? I would appreciate anyone's advise on this.


  • @justa_human

    You most definately are overthinking matters.

    One country does not have the right to cancel the visa of another country. So no, France cannot cancel your US B1/B2 VISA.

    At the time you applied for the US B1/B2 visa you met the rules and just because your circumstances change after the visa was issued does not mean it will be cancelled. If you did travel to the US again during the validity of the B1/B2 visa you simply need to show you are financially sound.

    Countries do share information, but not about such matters as to who is employed or unemployed.
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