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Passport Validity for UK Tier 4 General


I am a visa applicant from Bangladesh who will submit his visa application to the British High Commission, Dhaka in mid October. As per the subject, my question to the adviser's is as follows :-

My passport validity will expire on 5th April 2017 which is 5 months 17 days less when I will submit my visa application. As few countries requires 6 months passport validity, will it be a problem for my visa application?



  • @ADT
    I suggest you obtain a new passport as you are seeking a tier 4 student visa which will be for far longer than 6 months.
  • Tnx for reply alethia...

    But the thing is that my IELTS for UKVI certificate holds this passport number and same goes for my CAS letter details.

    I am thinking to apply for a new passport in Bangladesh High Commission, London as soon as I reach there...let me know if this will be alright...
  • @ADT
    You have obviously decided what you want to to do so carry on with your application.
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