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Advice for a middle-aged group travelling to Vietnam

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We are a group of 3 at middle age from Australia. We haven't gone to Asia before and now we want to spend 15 days to visit Vietnam. We are planning for this trip and highly appreciate any recommendation. We will definitely go to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, and Mekong Delta. I read on some other forums and find that many people like Hoian so I also consider it. We haven't had a detailed itinerary and activities for this trip. Is it necessary to book a tour of a travel agency? I am trying to search and see lots of travel agencies? Do you suggest any reliable one?


  • 15 days to travel to Vietnam, you can visit from the north to the south of Vietnam. In fact, if you have travel experiences before, you don't need book a tour, Vietnam is quite easy and cheap country to travel by yourself but you have not experienced much, you should hire a guide or book tour who can help you to solve problems during the trip as well as an itinerary. Furthermore, if you need any advises about agency, you can ask me.
  • With 15 days, you can visit quite a few places in Vietnam. In the North, besides Hanoi, I think you visit Halong and take a cruise here. If you are interested in places with peaceful space, Hoian and Hue should be included in your itinerary. Hue is not too far from Hoian and a great destination for you to explore Vietnamese cultures. You haven't gone to Vietnam and aren't sure about anything so you may seek a travel agency to book a tour.
  • I agree with @chrisphh, an organised tour is only necessary if you are inexperienced travellers. Check out our free Vietnam Travel Guide for ideas on where to go and what to see and do, as well as basic health and safety advice etc. There is a tour operators section in the guide which you may find helpful, but I also suggest checking out traveller-rating websites like TripAdvisor to see which tour operators have good reviews.
  • Personally, I like Hoian so much. I find that Hoian is not too noisy like other tourist attractions. It's a bit ancient. The night market in Hoian Ancient Town has many interesting activities. A host goods are sold throughout the market. Most impressive is the good behaviour of sellers. I think Hoian is a worthwhile place in the trip to Vietnam.

  • My friend and I also took a tour from the north to the south of Vietnam via Vietnam tour booking. Except for the once time they picked up late because of traffic jam, everything is quite good. Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. Hope it helpful for you in case you wanna refer more reliable agencies.
  • Thanks everyone. My itinerary will be Hanoi – Halong – Hue – Hoi An – Nha Trang – Saigon – Mekong Delta– Ho Chi Minh. Is it too rushed?
    Hi Jessinga, can you tell me more about your tour? How was the service and how about the price? Thanks in advance.
  • haminhan - there is a very, very good travel agent operating in Indochine. I actually took a tour of Vietnam with them, although a long time ago. I think it is called Indochine tours and it was owned by a couple of Aus guys. I know that they are still operating and I can highly recommend them
  • haminhan0916, I don't know whether the price has any change or not. At that time, we have to pay about $1,682 for 1 person.
  • @haminhan0916 your itinerary sounds good. In Mekong Delta, you should homestay at local people and join floating market in the early morning (about 6 AM). Further, if you want to book tour, you should book from Hanoi which will more promotion
  • haminhan0916 : you can book with vietnam discovery travel. That is good company in Vietnam too.
  • Thanks all. Do you think how much money should we spend for this trip?
  • Not so expensive. If you want to go there, send email to me [email protected] I will support you a lot. Make sure
  • haminhan, IMO, you should contact directly with the company you decided to choose tour to ask for more details about services and prices and pick up the best one.
  • Hi haminhan, It is quite hard to tell about the price for a trip. I think your itinerary is not too rushed. But if I were you, I would remove one place from the itinerary (for example, Nha Trang). Have a good holiday!
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    Try Hello Vietnam Travel. They offer a very good price and can customize suitable holiday for all customers.
  • You should not miss Hoian. It is a good place to visit.
  • Book tours from a travel agency is not for all travel, somewhere you can enjoy yourself. Hanoi you can explore leisurely Hanoi city, Halong you can book and check price from a lot of booking offices, and Hoi An, I have to say this is a must-visit while in Vietnam.
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    I highly recommend Mekong Delta, where you can easily access from Ho Chi Minh City with 1-2 day tour. I can say that Mekong Delta is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a culture special and interesting even to Vietnamese people. For example, the floating market here is for wholesale, so it is not as touristy and commercial as the markets you see in Thailand.

    If you prefer to truly explore the local vibe and avoid tourist traps, the best way is to contact a local to show you around. Inspitrip is a platform for you to do so.
  • Vietnam is an amazing destination, regardless of ones age. The Vietnamese people are kind and welcoming, the food is delicious and the scenery is breathtaking. Having lived there for some time, I can recommend spending time in the Five H's: Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, Ho Chi Ming City and Ha Long Bay. These are arguably some of the best spots in the country, although do not be afraid to go off the beaten track and visit Sa Pa, Da Lat, the Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc or Nha Trang. One could easily spend a month getting lost in this amazing country!
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