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Query: Does visa get rejected if we book homestay in barcelona/spain online



  • edited October 2016
    Yes you have been granted the visa for thirty days, yes you could stay a maximum of 30 days. You told the Spanish your trip was for a maximum of eight days and you have been give double that.
    In view of all the help I gave you in obtaining this visa, I would have thought "thank you"
    would have been in order instead of moaning about the length of time your visa has been granted.
  • @Alethia
    With your help only I got this visa. I didn't forget to thank you. I thought, visa means they give a separate letter with passport. I also appreciate your patience to answer my funny questions.
    Thank you very much. I also learned lot of this from you about travel and visa.
    Thank you.
  • You can travel freely to France or Italy within the time frame that it's valid. There's no need to mention it in your visa application and you can go ahead and wait till your visa has been approved before booking the flights
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