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Tourist visa to Tunisia query

edited September 2016 in - Tunisia
I want to travel to Tunisia , I tried applying 3 times , visa rejected all 3 times with no reason.

Willing to pay good amount if someone gets me the tourist visa to Tunisia.

I have to be there, my wedding is already delayed because of this visa.


  • Citizen : Indian
    Resident : Canada
  • @mozak
    Back in June @Lesley told you to enlist the help of your fiancees family she wrote

    Mozak - Alethia is spot on in her advice to you. Please understand there is no logic here! Believe me your fiancee family need to start pushing and if here father is a police officer then he is the one who needs to do the pushing. He can get anyone anything at anytime - wallah!!

    I also told you on July 9 that a visa is not required by Indian citizens when they are on a package tour organised by a travel agency. The problem is many tour operators have stopped package holidays to Tunisia due to safety issues.

    "Willing to pay good amount if someone gets me the tourist visa to Tunisia."
    Offering bribes on an internet forum is very foolish and opens you up to all kinds of scammers and con men.

  • Mozak - I have sent you a reply to your message. Your f.i.l. should continue supplying the details that the Ministry want. This will be the only chance I think. Good luck
  • Inshaallah
    Trying hard

    Another query:

    Will it be easy to get married in Morocco ?

    As Tunisian nationals exempted from visa
    I can apply for tourist visa

    So my question

    1. Is it easy to get married in Morocco
    2. Documents required
    3. Will it be recognized in Tunisia and Canada
  • edited September 2016
    Mozak - your fiancee must have permission from the Tunisian Embassy in Morocco to marry there. It can be hit and miss as usually the Tunisian should hold residency in the country in which they wish to marry. She should enquire with the Ministry here as to the likelihood of permission. Normally any marriage which is legal in the country where the marriage took place is recognised worldwide.

    You will require all the same documents but your fiancee must provide her certificate de naissance, passport (if she has one) and her btak tarif (id card). She may also need a permission letter from her father for the marriage.
  • Dear one !
    I need help !
    I am a Tunisian citizen and got married with a Indonesian wife. Under Allah ruling the wife can accompany her husband unimpended physically or financial burdening ! Does tunisia apply this sharia ruling or does it requires that my "mahram", in that case my Muslim wife, has to pay for a VISA each time she needs to accompany her husband who wants to take a holiday in his own country ?
    Ease their any alternative to have Tunisia not putting a barrier entrance (physically or via financial burden )!? Or is Tunisia rulers not fearing the meeting with their Lord !? Please I need detailed guidance , so as to know where I stand with my own country !
  • p.s.: I am also a French national , so if this could help to facilitate the unimpended entrance of my Muslim wife inside Tunisia , please advise. I live in UK, and will be getting the EU permit ! if this could help, please advice !
    I will also be applying for a UK residence card for my wife when she arrived in UK. THANKS IN ADVANCE to Leysley and co.
  • edited September 2016
    As a Tunisian citizen you should be fully aware that Tunisia's consitution is not governed by Sharia law. Tunisia is still predominately a secular country so therefore your wife will require a visa to enter Tunisia.

    The fact that you are French national is irrelevant to your wife requiring a visa to enter Tunisia, France or the UK.

    Your wife will need to apply for a six month family visa to enter the UK at the British Embassy in Jakarta. She cannot simply turn up and be allowed in to the UK because she is married to a French citizen. The visa application is not a foregone conclusion and could be refused. The five year residence permit is only granted once she is in the UK.

    I found myself quite annoyed at your arrogance in dragging religion into a simple visa question. Millions of Muslims the world over need to apply for visas just the same as applicants of other religions. No one is causing you hardship. Tunisia like every country in the world, is a sovereign state that has every right to control its borders. Especially at this time when they are beseiged by fanatics.

    By the way you do not seem to underestand the meaning of "Mahram"

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