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Tours/ groups travelling to Tunisia


Are there any travel agents or groups going to Tunisia this month or next month?

Am indian national, tried to get tourist visa but rejected .

I know, tours/ agents doesn't require any visa.

Please help me out, it's urgent.

Thank you


  • @mozak
    You need to try going Canadian travel agents and asking them about package holidays to Tunisia. Thomas Cook are doing limited tours to Tunisia but the package tours must be through an agent from your home country.

  • I tried Canadian agents , but they are not offering visa services.

    They are asking me to apply visa

    I don't know any Indian agents

    Nothing available on Google too.
  • May be you have more life experience than me, I will explain you whole scenario with me.

    It was my plan to marry her in September , so I never applied visa before.

    Later we change the plan and decided to marry in May , so I requested her father to send me invitation , her father after 3 days of effort go to different offices get it notarized and stamp from local authority , send me official invitation.

    During my first visa application , I don't submit flight itinerary and visa was rejected . All family was shocked. I applied in May third week.

    Later i travelled to India for Ramadan, came back in July first week.

    They advice me to apply as tourist , because it's easy, I applied as tourist on 27th July.

    But visa was rejected.

    From July last week till September 3rd, they were busy in her sister wedding. Now they are free. Even though her father go to ministry couple of times , consulate , Interpol during August month.

    This is while case now.

    They even agreed to travel to india or Canada , if no other option is left.

    What do you suggest now
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