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Halong Bay 1 day

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I know that 1 day is not enough to travel to Halong Bay but I can not spend more time in there. I want to visit Lan Ha Bay, Ba Hang fishing village and Thien Duong cave (possible or not). Appreciate any comments?


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    If you transfer from Hanoi, you have to spend about 4hrs to transfer by bus. Therefore, you have not much time to cover all places where you want to go. I have 2 options for your choice.
    1. Just visiting around Halong Bay bike or walk
    2. Book a cruise tour to visit Paradise cave & Ba Hang fishing village
  • I think one day is a bit short for the trip to Halong; you should spend at least 2 days/1 night here to take overnight cruise. This is the most interesting activity in Halong bay.
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    I have the same idea with the fist comment. If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Halong, cruise tour will the best choice for you. You can refer Victory cruise, L’Azalée Classic and etc.
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    Furthermore, As I know, almost day cruise tour in Halong will take 8hrs travelling. Hence, you should contact with cruise tour agency before booking to discuss it
  • Chrisphh is right. Within only one day, you can not cover those sights. IMO, the best way is that you choose one of those places and take a cruise for one day covering this sight.
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    Thanks a lot. I prefer cruise tour than a land tour but I am staying in Hanoi Old Quarter, a crusie tour will pick up me at the hotel? Any ideas for cruise agency.
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    In fact, the cruise agency will pick up you at your hotel if you want but you'll pay money for them because transfer service doesn't include in price. Besides it, you can catch a bus to My Dinh station or shutter in Old Quarter. L’Azalée Classic cruise of Halong Bay Tours is fine with services and Vietnamese foods as well, price from US$60-70/person, but I am not sure about pick up, so you should contact directly with them to know more information

  • Thanks @chrisphh, Any other ideas for me? I really need advises from you as soon as possible because I will visit Halong Bay next week.
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    I think the best way now that you contact with the agency no.3 said to ask about price and service. I seach the agency on net that it have much good reviews
  • Thanks a lot. I'll check out it. But I have 1 more question about weather, can you tell me?
  • You should tell exactly when do you want to go in Halong Bay?
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    you can explore Halong bay with only one day if you don't have much time. You can get an overview of Halong bay, but you can't visit Lanha bay with that time.
  • @jessicadothuy Oh I really want to visit Lan Ha Bay because I saw the landscape of the bay on TV is so beautiful and stunning. @Suetran I am going Halong Bay the first week of October
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    hanamotana89 : Lan ha bay belongs to Halong but it is near Catba island. So if you want to visit Lan Ha Bay, You have to go to Catba island and take a cruise or ferry to see lan ha bay. I think you should take 2 days 1 night to visit there. There are a lot of fun activities in Lan Ha bay
  • Oh dear! I knew that 2 days will be perfected for my trip in Halong but I've just 1 day for Halong Bay. Perhaps, I should book a short trip in Halong about 4-5hrs.
  • Hanamotana89: Yes, there is tour Halong bay full day which start from Hanoi at 8:00am and back Hanoi at 19pm. You can book it. Do you want me to help you book it? this is my email: [email protected]
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    You are right that one day is not enough time, but a good tour operator will at least ensure that what you do see of the area will be informative and memorable. There are many companies who can accommodate you.
  • 1 day is so tight, you should choose 2 days
  • If you only have one day for Halong trip, you can visit Thiên Cung cave - one of the most beautiful caves in Halong and some other destinations like Chó Đá islet, Đỉnh Hương islet, Gà Chọi islet and Cóc island. Besides, you can go kayaking or hire a boat to visit Ba Hang fishing village.
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