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civil engineers scams

I have exact the same problem but I don't know the same guy I would like to exchange picture please


  • I didn't know that person for two months he's from Germany when he was three years old his mom took him to the vet at 19 years old his mom passed away he went to the university and then he got married 2009 his wife died on her birth he has a son hey seven years old his name is Bill and the German guy his name is Manuel Fernando now he's in Turkish I stumbled he wanted for governor project and he stuck there because one of the worker died and he asked me for money so please I need to see his picture and I do have 3 to 4 picture of him and his son
  • @amy123
    I do not have to see this mans photo to tell you this man is scammer. Turkey is a highly educated country and they DO NOT give work permits or contracts to foreigners easily and then only for specfic types of work. Why would he be stuck in Turkey if a worker died? It does not make sense.
    You can always google the photo he gave you and it comes up straight away if he is a scammer.

    I did laugh at your post why would his mother take him to the "vet" at age three ? A vet is an animal doctor LOL !!
  • thank you for your responding but I'm New can you tell me how to google his photo to check if it's him or not
  • edited September 2016
    Why are you wasting one single second on this scammer?!

    His photo is immaterial. His identity is immaterial. He is not real! There is no son! He exists only inside your computer!

  • @amy123, you can drag photos into the Google search engine if you click on Google Images... Google will then provide a list of the pages where that photo appears and it may help prove to you that this man is not who he says he is. However, I agree with Alethia and Terry, this is definitely a scam.
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