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UK settelement spouse visa refused

I am Pakistani(wife) of British Citizen (husband) working as self employed.
I have applied for the visa 15 weeks ago in Pakistan. All documents sent to them were complete.
When we sent them the documents to sheffield. They first sent us email about not providing them the return envelope. On the send day they sent us email about documents not received. When we sent them the evidence of royal mail then 2 days later they sent us email that all documents received in full and we will update decision in 12weeks.

So today i went to collect my passport in gerrys and my visa was refused because of financial requirement. The ECO said the evident documents were not provided. My husband has clearly sent them all final requirement documents. We feel that our visa was rejected due to their failure to and mismanagement. We feel that they have received all documents but they just rejected to eat more fee.

My husband will soon contact the local lawyer as soon after Eid holiday and will file an appeal.

If anyone here had been in similar situation please kindly provide your feedbacks and suggestions that might help our situation.



  • @AnamAhmad
    You will have been given a right of appeal and this is the only way to prove you submitted the documents and to provide evidence of the documents you supplied.
    Did you keep a list and copies of the documents you submitted?
    Did you submit Annex 2: Financial details?
    Did you give a list of documents to Sheffield ?
    The onus is upon you to prove you supplied the correct documents as it will be very difficult to prove the Home Office in Sheffield is at fault.
  • Hi

    Yes ive made copies of all documents before sending the originals and also they confirmed via email that all documents received in complete.
    Yea annex 2 finacial requirment page for selfemployed was filled and completed.

    Thank you,
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