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Rejected visa

edited September 2016 in Africa
My visa was rejected because of my age was too low for vistors visa, can i reapply after a week later my visa was refused, i need help,and can i apply in deferent embassy in my country or desame embassy in my country i need help.


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    It is not possible to be refused because of your age, even babies are granted visas.
    You can reapply anytime. Unless you change your travel plans you should not shop around at other embassies. They will be aware of your refusal.
  • What do you mean by ( Unlees you changed your travel plans you shold not shop around at other embassies. )what i mean is that in nigeria we have only 2 state that has SA EMBASSY i have tried one of them they refused it. Can i reapply in the other embassy after one week of refusing my visa , help me
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    "shopping for visas" is the term used for when people are refused a visa at one embassy and then go to another embassy to try to get the same visa. Do you think the other embassy will not know you have been refused? Of course they will.
    I already told you that you can reapply there is no waiting you can apply after one day.
  • Ok good thanks, but my question is the embassy is telling me that my age is too small for the visa i want,and they dont believe am working under the company i used to apply, thats where the problem came form, and am 21 they only allow 25 upwards, what will i do pleasw help me
  • @Fred222
    I have no idea what visa you applied for, so how can I help you.
  • Visitors visa
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