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Documents required for application tourist visa to Spain

edited October 2016 in Europe

I am Indian working in Ivory Coast as a consultant .

I am getting married on 24 Nov planning to go Spain on 3rd dec.I have already booked my flight ticket of me and my wife.

I am in Ivory Coast Africa my fiancée in India

Can I apply my visa here and my fiancée apply in India.

What are the documents required for my fiancee to apply in India if I apply here.She is not working .

Pls help.


  • Additional information ---ticket is from india to Spain via Finland 3 hour stay
  • My bank account is in India and Ivory Coast .

    My Ivory Coast bank account is 2 Month old will it affect the visa processing .can I show my India account details over here .

    My employer already signed the letter that I am working as consultant .
  • @yash051987
    You can apply for your visa from the Ivory coast and your fiance must apply from India. As you are not yet married she will need to show evidence that you will marry (invitation card and proof of ceremony) and she must have a covering letter from you to explain this is your honeymoon and that you support her financially .

    You mention flights but not accomodation. Are staying in a hotel or with family, you will need evidence of your accomodation.

    It does not matter that your Ivory Coast bank account is only two months old its the amount of money you have in your bank accounts.
    The Spanish authorities state that the daily amount you require to live on is 57Euro per day per person. Multiply that by two and then times against the number of days you will stay in Spain.

    You dont say where you will stay in Spain because not everywhere in Spain is warm in winter and you may find it cold after the warmth of India and the Ivory Coast
  • edited September 2016

    Thanks A lot for reply.

    I have planned to visit Barcelona,madrid,Seville and Granada.

    Hotel I have already selected just need to book.

    Shall I book cheap hotel with refundable fare for visa .As i receive visa can I cancel those bookings and do the new booking of hotels.

  • @yash051987
    Many hotels when you book dont expect you to pay until you check in and lots of hotels give you a free cancellation period.

    0f course you can change your booking once you receive the visa.

    Spain will seem very cold to you so take a coat and warm clothing.
  • @Alethia

    I have also checked about the weather .

    Let me have visa first , hope will get it without any issue .

    India is also cold ,I am from north India
  • You are awesome truly :)
  • @Alethia
    In December Spain is good destination ryt???

  • Last question ..for insurance I can have it from India rather than from Ivory Coast since I am traveling from India
  • @yash051987
    Indian travel insurance is fine.
  • Thanks a ton
  • @Alethia

    Sorry to bother you again...

    I have booked my hotels but will pay as I arrive over there.

    I need to know whether not paying in advance will affect my visa processing .

    Pls answer will be very thankful to you
  • Day after I m going to apply .
  • One more last question

    I would like to have my visa first then I will prefer my fiancée to apply it ok
  • @Alethia I booked hotel from and

    I was going through your old post I saw hotel should be booked form bonafide agents .

    What shall I do ???
  • @yash051987
    I know is popular I use them myself but I think booking through the travel agent who will give you a printed itinerary is more secure and often the caseworker will phone the hotel to check your reservation.
    Someone with a reservation with has just written to me as their visa was refused.

    Simply ask the travel agent to reserve the same hotel its not difficult then get an itinerary of your flights and accomodation from the travel agent.

    Your idea to get your visa first and then apply for your fiancee is very good but you need to hurry up as in case there is a delay in processing the visas as you wont have much time left before you travel.
  • Flight booking I can't since I already paid it but hotel will do from agent by today .
  • @yash051987

    "Many hotels when you book dont expect you to pay until you check in and lots of hotels give you a free cancellation period".
    "0f course you can change your booking once you receive the visa."
    the above was ALETHIA(the special one) note on September 17 2016.
    be careful with travel agent you want to use.most agent will book reservation and later cancel it, reason best know to them.will advice you to book from hotel directly but make sure you check the policy before booking.
  • @yash051987
    i am not advising you to confuse you or to oppose what ALETHIA(the special one ) as said but just keeping you noticed.research is still going on. if you no of any credible travel agent you can use there service.
  • Today I applied coz of biometric not working since 5 days ....lets c what gonna happen after hearing all this discussion ......
  • ok
    best of luck
  • Thankyou ...if some issue in how many days they will notify me???
  • @larryblank @Alethia

    Please provide the answer for my comment above.

    Sorry to trouble you again n again :)
  • @yash051987
    No one on this forum can answer your question. Such matters as notifying applicants is in the hands of the embassy staff.
  • edited October 2016
    Hi I applied visa and submitted my passport on 25 sept, till now no news from
    Embassy does it means there is no issue and I willl get my visa after 14 days of applied date ????

    M I ryt or just my intuition :smiley:
  • @yash051987
    No one on this forum can can tell you how long an Embassy can take to issue a visa and if it will be successful or not. You simply have to wait.
  • Ah ok..i thought it will be 100 per ....thanks

    Will ask exact after 15 days to embassy ...let's c
  • 15 days over still no answer from consulate...
  • @yash051987
    I repeat.
    No one on this forum can can tell you how long an Embassy can take to issue a visa and if it will be successful or not. You simply have to wait.
  • Received email from Embassy ,they want me to submit
    certificate of registration in the National Institute of Social Security in Ivory Coast.this document I can't provide since I am not employee of local company .

    I want to withdraw my visa application and get my passport back what is the process now I will go Seychelles visa on arrival.

    Can I have visa without this document if not I will go seychell.
  • In how many days I can get my passport back after visa withdrawl since I am traveling to India on 1 November
  • @yash051987
    You can have the visa without this document. You simply write a cover letter explaining who employs you and surely you must have evidence of your employment as a foreigner living in the Ivory Coast give this evidence.

    If not go to the visa and tell them you wish to withdraw your application. They should return your passport quickly.
  • Ok Alethia thank you for all your responses....
  • I tried for the last time ,they told me to apply from India it will be better but i will be late if i apply over there.
    Finally i send visa withdrawal request from Ivory coast.

    Hopefully will receive my passport next week,

    Will plan some other time m very disappointed since this was my first trip with my fiancee.

    Thanks Alethia for hearing me.

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