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What is the temperature in Harbin in December? Is the weather ok?

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i am going to harbin this december
i want to know harbin's temp in december - is the weather ok in December. Also i heard people said it is hard to comunicate with chinese is it real ?


  • The average temperature in winter is ?16.8 degrees Celsius. It can be as cold as ?38.1 degrees Celsius in winter.
    Don't worry about communicating. Take a guide book and use the basic phrases. Be patient and friendly and you'll get bay just fine.
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    Today the temperature in Harbin is between -8 and -14 degrees centigrade. It will get colder in December. Prepare enough thick coats ( long down and feather garments, fur garments), gloves, winter hats, etc. You will not feel cold indoors for there is heating device in Harbin. Chinese is not difficult to get along with. Most of them are polite and warm-hearted. But language will be a problem if you know little Chinese. Yes, a guide book is needed. Be cautious of thieves and cheats. May you have a good time in China.
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    thank you guys ~
    have a nice day =)
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    Recently, when I visit timesonline, I encountered a website recommended, and i found much practical information on the, so here i want to refer it to all the travellers, hope it can facilitate our trips.
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    travel to Harbin, is the best season of a year in December to January the following year, at this time, and everywhere the snow-wrapped, although the cold, but it can be seen everywhere with the Jiangnan Water Village different view of the snow Bingtian ; In addition, in July to September of the summer, tourists, is ideal good summer season.

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    Do Harbin have clean toilets?
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    Harbin is world reknowned for it's hygiene
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    we are going to harbin for snow festival.can you tell us the places we can roam around.we are staying around 4 days.
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    we are reaching there on 24 morning.we are going by train from dalian and we will be staying till 27 can anyone tell us about temp,places.hotel.
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    @aryalrajan, It must be cold those days when you go to visit harbin. It is necessary to bring lots of warm clothes.
    The best collections of ice artworks are exhibited in the following five main places:
    Harbin Ice and Snow World, Ice Lantern Garden Party, Sun Island Scenic Area, Yabuli International Ski Resort, Zhaolin Park.
    For Harbin hotels , could you please advise what kind of hotels do you want to find, three star, four star or five star? The best one in my mind is Shangri-La Hotel, it is the first international five star hotels in harbin. The service must be very good.
    By the way, i do recommend you to take other china tours. I am sure that you will love this mysterious land!
    Have a good trip in China!
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    Hi there! I am a New Zealander currently in Harbin. I got here in January, when the average temperature was about -10 to -15 below zero. The Chinese i am staying with always insist i wear absurd amounts of clothing before i go outside - but i have found the following to be sufficient for my daily wanders through the City -

    Thermal Underwear - I wear a merino wool thermal top, and crocodile (bought in Harbin) thermal pants. I highly recommend the crocodile branded thermals - they are really comfortable and warm!

    Jeans - Make sure you buy jeans a size larger than you normally wear, so you can fit warmer clothes underneath.

    Thin jersey - i wear this over my thermal top. This is mainly for when i enter shopping malls, as it is much too hot to be wearing a jacket inside.

    650 Fill, goose down jacket - I can't recommend a down jacket highly enough! Any decent goose down jacket will keep you warm and comfortable, even in very cold temps (i've worn mine down to -26 degrees). You don't need anything waterproof as it is extremely dry here.

    A scarf is also useful to keep the wind off your neck.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Minus 15 degrees celcus. very cold!
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    Hi there, this is going to be my first experience to visit place with such low temperature like Harbin. Would like to whether any special camera for such weather or how do i keep my camera warm to ensure its functionality in such low temperature.
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    Hi I be in Harbin during end December. In order to keep my legs warm, is therma wear and jean sufficient? Do I need to wear an extra tight beneath the jeans?
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    That's a temprature makes you just wanna cry , so cold you know .
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    harbin is such a wonderful destination i for one loved it
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    Minus 15-25 degrees celcus. very cold!
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