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Applying open work permit from Turkey


My question :

Am Canadian, I want to sponsor my Tunisian wife to canada, due to problems in Tunisia , I don't want any silly reason for visa rejection.

My wife will travel to turkey, and can she apply Open work permit visa to canada from Turkey?

Her status in turkey will be visitor, no visa required for Tunisian.

Thank you very much


  • @Mohammed2016
    You cannot apply for an Open Work Permit on its own, you must first apply for the spouse visa.

    I do not understand why you want your wife to travel to Turkey, its a ridiculous idea as the visa application can take months to process and she would be all alone as well as the extra expenes it would cost. Your wife needs to apply from Tunisia, why complicate matters.

    Do you understand there is a backlog of people waiting for these visas? You think you are clever trying to go this route but you are not. Canada allows only 62,000 people per year on the spouse route and the Open Work Permit is for those people who are already on the spouse route.

    This is a very complicated issue and I siggest you take advice from a Canadian immigration lawyer rather than ruin your wifes chances of a visa.
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