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Female travelling alone in Cuba

edited August 2009 in - Cuba
I will be travelling to Varadero next week but as it is my first time to Cuba was wondering how safe it is for a lone female traveller who apparently looks 20 something! I also want to go to Havana- how feasible is this and is it worth going? Is there anyone out there who will be in Cuba between 21st Aug to 4th Sept? Maybe we can link up at some time.Please let me know via this forum or email: [email protected]


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    What type of fricken question is that, you pervert. In America we don't go to Cuba, they come to us. Why the heck would you think or say that in the first place?
    Sincerly, Your Government
    PS:We are watching you.
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    To Mayflyzest. Just got back from Varadero Feb 6th. My family and I really enjoyed it, felt really safe, there is not alot of crime from what heard from other visitors who have been going there for years. Best thing is NO loud obnoxious rude Americans.
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    Typical American attitude. They think they rule the world just because they are stronger than most other peoples. Cuba is the friendliest country I have ever been to, the people are the warmest with the biggest hearts.
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    I went to Cuba 6 years ago. To my surprise, I fell in love. We now live here in Canada married for five amazing years and have a beautiful little girl. BEST TRIP I ever took !! :)
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    Just returned from Cuba perfectly safe, lovely people just take lots of £'s as cards don't work this includes your bank card.
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