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Spain refused me entry

edited September 2016 in Expat Advice
I was refused on the basis that "the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable " what do I do ? @Alethia


  • @sticky22
    The Spanish caseworker obviously did not believe your travel plans, accodation etc.
  • So do I reapply or appeal because I sent in all documents they required. I am from Ghana and the purpose of travel was to travel with my fiancé for vacation I have a stable job I am doing at a reputable company. What do I do now?
  • @sticky22
    Obviously you did not send in all the required documents. What documents did you submit for your flight and accomodation.? Was your fiancee granted a visa?
  • I submitted an itinerary of flight and accommodation booked by a travel agent from My fiancé got his visa and I applied a week after with a photocopy of his visa and passport details. We didn't submit at the same time because I hadn't had approval from my work place yet. I applied for it as soon as I got approval and made a photocopy of his passport and his visa stating that we were to travel together. Right now I have no idea what to do whether to appeal or reapply please let me know. Thanks for responding to my previous questions I appreciate it.
  • @sticky22
    Do not appeal, it takes too long , reapply. Your fiance needs to write a letter stating he was granted the visa and that you are travelling together as well as copies of the visa and his passport.
    His hotel reservation is the same as yours so show you are on the same hotel reservation.
    The same with flights, show your going on the same flight.
    Your fiance should have waited so you could have applied togetther but its too late for that now. Just do everything you can to show you and your fiance are travelling to gether.
  • Okay thanks. Can I reapply immediately or I would have to wait for some days after this refusal to do so?
  • @sticky22 you can reapply immediately. If you haven't already done so make sure you also include a signed letter on company letterhead from your boss stating that you have been granted leave for the holiday (give exact dates of leave granted) and that you are permanently employed with them and how much you earn.
  • Did all of that the first time .... Will do that again. Thanks for your advice.
  • Hello I am about to re apply this time. I was told the problem could be from my accommodation reservation I did in the previous one. I reserved it on my own and was credit card free reservation. Could that be the reason ?
  • @sticky22
    if the previous accommodation reservation is still active,will advice you to get a flight reservation from a good "International Air Transport Association" (IATA)travel agent.
    tell the agent that you need a flight reservation for visa purpose,that will be valid for at least 2weeks minimum.but will be better if you get the one that will be valid for 1months as your application may take longer time to process.

    similar situation is currently happening in NIGERIA now .i am still trying to no the actual cause.but for now,since you claim you submitted all requirement compare to your fiance.get the flight reservation as i told .

    best of luck
  • @alethia, @Ella Johnson other expert,please your advice are highly needed now.
  • @sticky22
    You wrote
    "I reserved it on my own and was credit card free reservation. Could that be the reason ?"
    In my opinion that is definately the reason for your refusal. You should always make your reservation through a reutable travel agent or booking service.
    Larryblank has given you excellent advice.
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