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Taxi from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi

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Can anyone tell me with the cost of catching a taxi from Dubai airport to a hotel near the Abu Dhabi airport (not all the way into Abu Dhabi city)? The Abu Dhabi Airport website says it's 250 AED from there to Dubai, but the Dubai Airport website doesn't mention inter-city taxis. I imagine it's the same cost from Dubai to Abu Dhabi but maybe it's not. Thanks, people.


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    from Dubai to Abu dhabi or reverse it cost 350 AED,I am living and working in Abu Dhabi
    from few days I came from dubai Airport to Abu dahbi for 350 AED
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    Hi Juliette. is there any cheap way to get from Abu Dubai to Dubai? Any bus service?
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    yes there is bus station have every hour i think trip from abu dhabi to dubai
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    How much is a taxi from Dubai airport to the port for a cruise ship.. How long does it take.
    Stuart Townend
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    all about Dubai Taxi is here
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    How much is a taxi from Dubai airport to the port for a cruise ship.. How long does it take.
    Stuart Townend

    Presume the cruise ship is at Dubai docks then depending time of day it would take 15-40 minutes, the later being VERY conservative. Cost would be under AED 50 easily, from memory the Dubai taxis charge AED20 (or 25) pick up charge from the airport, unlike the usual AED 6 when they pick you up from your villa.
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    This is younus, iam living in abu dhabi from last 3 years,

    best and cheap way to travel from dubai airport to abu dhabi,
    no need to wait for long time

    1. from dubai airport to khalid bin valid by metro train [cost nearly about 2 to 4 dhs], [every 10 minutes one train][no need to go out from airport, in the airport itself metro station is there]

    2. from khalid bin valid local bus stop to alGhubaiba bus stand(BurDuabi Bus Stand)[cost nearly about 2 to 4 dhs], [lot of busses are going this very near to khalid bin valid to alGhubaiba bus stand(BurDuabi Bus Stand), just wait 2 to 3 minutes]

    3. from alGhubaiba bus stand to Abu Dhabi lot of bus service are there, 2 types of buses avail ther one is dubai bus another is abu dhabi bus, difference is dubai bus will cost 20 dhs and abu dhabi bus will cost 15 dhs.

    another one way is there if you come by emirates airlines, no need to go here or there, free bus facility from dubai airport to abudhabi [dubai airport terminal 3 entrance to abudhabi],
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    Hi Younus,

    Thanks very much for your comment! May I ask how long does it take totally using the metro and 2 busses as you suggested and do they go at 5:30am?

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    There are lot of car rental companies available at low cost in uae, who would provide a driver and they will pick you up and also will guide you. If you have a international driving license you can even hire a car. When I came for the first time to UAE, I was confused. Later after a month, I hired a car from Autorent and they are really good in this service. From that day, whoever comes to UAE, I use to recommend them, they do take care. I think you can make reservations online also visiting their website but I am not sure about it, as I called over phone. Might be you can send them an email.
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    Hi ,

    can anyone tell me if they have taken a cab from teh airport to the cruises. what did it cost and how long it took.

    many thanks
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    Can anyone provide me with a website or email of any resonable car and driver hire for a day. We will be in Dubai for 1 day only and need to use our time wisley as there are 3 major site we wish to see. We are looking for about 8-9 hours starting in the morning with a MOE hotel pick-up and mid evening drop-off for 3 adults. We will be traveling to Ferrari World as one of the stops. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    I am flying in to Abu Dhabi (7:30pm arrival) with a young child and would like to go directly to Dubai. Are there comfortable coach/bus that I can take directly from the airport to the Creek district of Dubai. Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.
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    I need to know how to get from Abu dhabi to dubai after 11 30 pm.. Is there a bus or anything to get us from abu dhabi to shj or dubai anytime after 11 30 pm on friday becaus the last RTA bus from abudhabi is at 10 30 Pm.
    Any help would be appreciated

    thank you
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    can any one recommend any affordable decent hotel in Abu Dhabi at the end of Jan 2012
    Will appreciate if any one been there and enjoyed short break

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    Hi! What would be the most convenient way to go from Al-Fujairah to Abu-Dhabi int'l airport? thanks.
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    Hi :-)

    If i want to visit Abu-Dhabi,the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, from Dubai. What will be the right way to do that ?
    rent a car ?
    Bus ?
    Train ?

    Thank you
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    Hi I Wanna Iknow Iam Terminal 1 but iam taking my flight to Terminal 2 do I need I have iam to africa its between d hours transit do I need visa plz let me know thtx Alot
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    Can anyone please tell me of the cheapest, most basic place to stay in Abu Dhabi,please.
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    From Abu Dhabi to Dubai ( Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai Al Qusais Area, near Sharjah almost), 250 DHS for Private texi..
    Dubai to Abu Dhabi, you have to go by RTA texi or RTA BUS, of coures Texies are available everywhere But RTA BUSES from 'AL Ghubaiba Bus station'. You can reach Bus station by Metro or BUS. This is cheap transport availalbe. From Bus station you can catch bus to Abu Dhabi.
    Dubai RTA do not entertain private texi, it is illigal :)
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