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Maintenance funds for Tier 4 General Visa

Dear Experts,

I am suffering from a confusion and desperately seeking an answer.

My tuition fees for Year 1 is 9000 GBP and I have paid 9000 GBP in full. For my accommodation I have paid 2215 GBP to my university.

NB - all money is transferred to the university account...

Can you please confirm how much money I have to show now.


  • @ADT
    You must have enough money to support yourself while you are studying in the UK. You will need to show £1,265.00 for each month of your course for a maximum of nine months, if you are studying in London Therefore, you must have a total of £11,385.00 for your living costs

    Example :If you are studying on a three year Undergraduate course, in London, you will need to show £11,385.00 (£1,265 × 9 months) for your living costs.

    If you will be studying elsewhere in the UK, the monthly amounts are lower: you need to have £1,015 for each month of your course, up to £9,135 for a course lasting nine months or more.

    Example; £1015 x9 months =£9135 for your living costs.

    These amouints must be shown in your bank statements. The £9000 and the £2215 should be mentioned on the CAS you receive from the place of study.
  • Thank you for your swift response.

    The £9000 and the £2215 is mentioned on the CAS.

    Can you please confirm how much money should I keep i.e. 9135 - 2215 pounds or full 9135.

    Thank you.

  • @ADT
    The £2215 does not equate to any monthly payment. If you are studying out side of London you need to show £9135 in your bank account.
  • You can deduct the following from the total amount of money that you need as part of your immigration application:

    money that you have already paid to your Tier 4 sponsor towards your course fees, and
    up to £1,265 that you have already paid to your Tier 4 sponsor for your accommodation fees, if you will be living in university or college accommodation.

    source :
  • @ADT
    Then why ask if you already knew the answer?
    However £2215 when divided does not equate to £1,015 or £1,265.
  • Because I'm confused...

    Will it be 9135 - 1265 or 9135 - one is giving me the accurate answer. I have asked my agent who will be doing my visa processing and he said to read at and I am unable to find anything such.

    That's why I am in desperate situation for the answer as November is approaching and I need to keep money for 28 days.
  • @ADT
    Where is the college or University where you will study? Depending on the location of the place of study depends on how much you should pay.
    So what is the name and address of your place of study

    Sounds like your agent does not know what hes doing.
  • Sounds like your agent does not know what hes doing - 100% fact he is asking me to fill up appendix 8 form and when I said to him that it's not necessary now he shouted at me for no reason and I couldn't say anything.

    I will be studying with BPP University in Manchester...

    I paid my full tuition fees for the course and 2215 pound towards accommodation in campus residence.
  • @ADT
    If you go back to my first post I clearly explained the following.

    If you are studying on a three year Undergraduate course, in London, you will need to show £11,385.00 (£1,265 × 9 months) for your living costs.

    If you will be studying elsewhere in the UK, the monthly amounts are lower: you need to have £1,015 for each month of your course, up to £9,135 for a course lasting nine months or more.

    This is found on page 42 of the Tier 4 Guidance
    BPP University in Manchester is not based in London. I assume you will be living and studying in Manchester. Therefore your you will need £1015 per month living costs. Your agent should have known this.

    As for Appendix 8 you need to complete this form and submit with the VAF 9 if you are applying from outside the UK.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you...

    Now the second query is, If i show my bank statement which is in my name for the visa application, do i need to submit any documents of my father..?

    Thank you.

  • @ADT
    If you hold sufficient funds in your bank account you do not need to give your fathers documents.
    You only give your fathers documents if he is supporting you and you give his bank satements.

    In my opinion its better if you do everything in your name with your bank accounts.
  • @Alethia

    You are simply great..full of information...

    I am submitting by bank statement and everything is in my name.

    But i don't earn money, it's my father who does.

    So as per your reply, if everything is in my name, i don't need anything of my dad...just update me if i'm right...
  • @ADT
    I am a British immigration lawyer that is why I know these things.
    You do not have to earn money your father can put the money you need into your bank account. This makes life simpler rather than having to submit your fathers bank statements and documents. everything can be in your name

  • @Alethia

    I am ever grateful to you...

    As I can't rely on my agent, I am putting the check list of documents I am submitting with my visa application. Kindly update me if I need anything more.

    1) Online Application Form
    2) Appendix 8
    3) CAS
    4) Documents mentioned in CAS letter
    5) TB certificate
    6) Bank statement and solvency in my name
    7) 1 copy photo - UKVI recommended size
  • @ADT
    All documents submitted must be original documents and any that are not in English must have translations that meet the Home Office requirements

    Bank statements must also meet Home Office requirements

    Bank statements from some banks are not accepted by the Home Office. Please refer to the Home Office website to check if your financial institution is recognised‌ and

    Passport photos must meet this criteria

    Previous Qualifications (as listed on your CAS)

    I hope this helps.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you for your enormous support...

    Just another query; do i need to submit a personal statement with my visa application or the questions of the credibility interview will be enough to judge my intention of coming to UK.


    Adnan Dawlat Tanvir
  • @ADT
    There is no need to submit any personal statement. It will not be read or taken seriously.

    Credibility interviews are an important part of the Tier 4 visa application process.
    The interview will check that you are a genuine student. During the interview you will be asked questions about your background, immigration history, about the studies you are planning to undertake in the UK, why you chose the place of study and your course, how you intend to fund your studies in the UK and also how this fits into your career aspirations.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you for your enormous support...

    I will update you about the visa outcome as soon as I get it in hand...

    I hope I will get a positive outcome...


  • @Alethia

    Another query : do i need to keep the funds available till I get my visa or I can withdraw as soon I submit my visa application in the British High Commission...

    Thank you.
  • @ADT
    You need to keep the funds in the acount until you receive a response.
  • @Alethia


    My father asked if he can do regular transaction of the same account that I kept money for 28 days...

    The account is in my name but he uses this for business transaction.

  • @ADT
    You can use the account but you need to leave sufficient funds for your application.
  • @Alethia

    Learned can you please give an example so that I can understand the whole process...
  • @ADT
    You need to show that you have the total balance of the remaining tuition fees and expenses money in cash funds in a bank accoun that you can easily access.

    It is best if the bank account is in your name

    The funds must have been in your bank account at all times for at least the last 28 days.
    The balance in your account must not drop below the required amount during that time, even for one day, or your application will be automatically refused.
    Your bank statement needs to meet the following rules:
    It must cover the whole 28 day period prior to submitting the application
    It must be recent – no more than 31 days old
    It must include at least your name, account number, all transactions, and the logo of the bank
    It must be original – you cannot use a print-out or copy unless it has been certified by the bank and meets set criteria
    It must be in English – you will need an official translation in addition to the original if it is not
    If the currency is not British Pounds Sterling (GBP), you should check the conversion of the final balance on the Oanda website and write this on a post-it note to attach to the bank statement .

    What I am saying is, your father cannot take this money out of your bank account until you receive a reply from UK Visas because the caseworkers check if the bank accounts are real or not and sufficient funds are there.
  • @Alethia

    As you previously said I need to keep 9135 GBP for 28 days and towards which i kept 15385 GBP as per today's rate...

    Will it be a problem if i withdraw an approximate of 5000GBP tomorrow as my father needs to pay some bills...

    NB - account is in my name and I have access to the account all time...
  • @ADT
    You have to keep a minimum of £9135 in the bank account until the visa process is complete.
  • @Alethia

    Does study gap really matters if your university issue you CAS...???

    This is for my cousin who got CAS from Kingston University but worried as she faced her first interview today and the interviewer asked her about her study gap as she had done nothing in the last 1 year and half months....
  • @ADT
    It should not make any difference you are entitled to take a gap year, thousands of students take gap years before going to university.
  • @Alethia


    Today I went to my agent to get prepared for my visa application.

    In my CAS letter, the university mentioned Confirmation of Attainment from my previous university which I received through email though it is signed and stamped by the university personnel.

    As I don't have the original copy rather a email one....will it be a big trouble...???
  • @ADT
    It is a problem. all your documents m,st be originals.
    edited October 2016

    It's not possible for me to return to USA and get the original Confirmation of Attainment from the university.

    I have requested the university to send the original copy towards which they said Confirmation of Attainment is to represent my activity in the University and if UKVI wants to verify they can do that...They also said that if that was a transcript they would send the original one but as this is just Confirmation of Attainment...the email version they sent with the university stamp and signature will be enough...

    Just a bit you're a British Immigration Lawyer..want a suggestion from you towards the query...
  • @ADT
    If you were a student in the USA how come you have no original documents from the US University? Did you actually study in the USA as you have no transcript. It all sounds a bit odd.
  • @Alethia

    I did study in USA but couldn't complete my course. I returned to my country completing one semester. I withdrew from the course and later on they sent me a confirmation of attainment mentioning the subject i completed...

    the confirmation of attainment does have the university seal and academic director signature...if ukvi want to verify, the university will love to provide the required data needed...

    that's why i'm asking if that will be alright...???
  • @ADT
    It has to be alright because you have nothing else. Let me tell you this. The onus is upon you to provide the evidence, UK Visas are under no obligation to verify your student record unless they believe it to be fraudulent
    You just have to run with what you have.
    edited October 2016

    Thank you for the positive reply. I was really worried and you relieved it...Thank you.

    I am submitting my documents on Sunday and will face the credibility interview as well...

    Hope to receive a positive reply from UKVI in regards of my application...

    If I need any help in future, I am requesting your time in advance...

    Have a great day.

  • @Alethia


    My father ordered me to ask you, if they had to refuse my application; on what section will they refuse my visa for the copy of Confirmation of Attainment..


    if UKVI refuse my visa application, what we can do in the next step...??

  • @ADT
    I have no idea on what grounds they will refuse you, its up to the Caseworker. Also you will have an interview where you can explain and discuss various issues. One thing they may ask is why you left your studies in the USA.

    If you are refused you have 28 days to submit an Adminstrative Review

  • @Alethia


    I'm Adnan's father. I am a regular practicing advocate in the Bangladesh Supreme Court. I have read the guidance available for Tier 4 visa at GOV.UK.

    The line says as follows : - Each certificate of qualification or transcript must be the original (not a copy). If you look at the literal meaning of certificate and transcript, they differs a radical change in meaning from the confirmation of attainment.

    A confirmation of attainment is a document used to represent subjects that you covered but couldn't complete and a confirmation of attainment can be an online copy.

    As you are an immigration lawyer, dealing with UK immigration matters, the way of your interpretation must vary from mine. I am waiting for your reply to get a confirmation of refusal chance.


  • @ADT

    I have not been instructed to represent your son, I give advice here as pro bono service.
    Therefore, I am not privy to your sons age, personal details, education history, documents, finance etc which would enable me to provide you with your sons chances of success or refusal.

    As for the confirmation of attainment, its is not about the document per se but the fact it has been sent by email, that renders the document a copy and not an original.
    The guidance states that ALL supporting documents must be originals not just transcripts or certificates of qualification.

    The requirement for original documents is mandatory for all types of UK visa applications not just Tier 4

    All the confirmation of attainment shows is that your son attended college in the USA and as I said before he will have a chance at interview to discuss his educational background.

    As I am not instructed by your son I can only give limited advice on an open forum.

  • @Alethia

    Hi. I already passed your reply to my dad...

    Another query regarding the credibility interview...

    During the credibility interview; am I allowed to inform the caseworker that I submitted copy of my confirmation of attainment and the reason after it...???

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