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Vietnam/Cambodia Visa help needed

edited September 2016 in - Vietnam
I am planning to visit Cambodia on 17th November 2016 exit Cambodia on 19th November 2016.
And then visit Vietnam on 19th November 2016 exit Vietnam on 26th November 2016.
Although my passport is going to expire on 30 May 2017 .
As per the rules minimum of 6 months passport validity is required to enter Camboda/Vietnam so back tracking it will mean till 30 Nov 2016 .
My passport is from India.

Will I be still issued EVisa (cambodia) / Visa on arrival(Vietnam) since my passport expiry is close to 6 months period ?

Passport expiry Date : 30th May 2017
Travel/Entry Date Cambodia : 17th November 2016
Exit Date Cambodia: 19th November 2016

Travel/Entry Date Vietnam : 19 th November 2016
Exit Date Vietnam: 26th November 2016

Response is appreciated.
Thanks for your help in advance !!


  • @bhushan733 you have the six months validity required so you shouldn't have any problem getting your visas. No more than six months is required. Enjoy your trip!
  • edited October 2016
    You should extend your passport before coming vietnam. You apply visa on arrival is better than visa at visa embassy. Take your time
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