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Studying in the UK - visa refused

edited October 2016 in Visa and Passport
Hello, I am a Turkish citizen and I appled twice for student tier 4 uk visa and always got refusal for generel grounds reasons that I am not a genuine student. I want to go to uk but I do not know how. I think to reapply for the same visa will not be successful. I wanted to study in London where also my sister lives. Can I play for family visit visa? If I can not go to uk I want to study in France but I am afraid if now I can get schengen visa. Does the refusal for uk visa have any influence on schengen visa to France application?

thank you for help


  • @den
    A UK refusal will not influence your application for a Schengen visa.

    I can state without any reservation that you will NOT be granted a UK visit visa, you are a young person without any strong ties to Turkey, no money, no career and twice you have been refused a student visa.

    There is no such thing as " general grounds of refusal" the grounds are explained clearly, you would have been interviewed, so there must be strong reasons as to why you were not granted a UK student visa.
  • thank you I was thinking the same. I have a friend and she got uk refusal as well but I think she is crazy because she is thinking about getting schengen tourist visa and then somehow go to uk probably from some close country. But I think it is too risky so I prefer to go to other country and study there but I am afraid about my friend. can you give your opinion on my friend's idea?
  • @den
    Your friends idea is ridiculous. The UK is not part of the Schengen zone, so she cannot travel on a Schengen visa to the UK.

    You are supposed to apply for a UK visa from your home country or a country where you are a legal resident, not just a visitor.

    To try to go illegally to the UK would be extremely foolish.

  • I have the same opinion. thank you for your opinions and help.
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