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Marriage between Irish and Tunisian nationals

This discussion was created from comments split from: Maintenance funds for Tier 4 General Visa.


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    Hello . Im islam and i have irish girlfriend from ireland South . We want to get married . Does anyone has an idea what shall we do exactly . Please help me. I am.from Tunisia
  • @zanati where and when do you want to get married and what exactly do you need advice on?
  • @zanati

    You posted the same question twice on the forum and I have answered both

    You will need the following to marry in Tunisia

    Her passport

    Your Irish fiance must obtain an official copy of her birth certificate not older than 21 days prior to your marriage

    If either of you have been previously married then your marriage certificate and divorce papers

    Your fiance must have a Certificate of Freedom to Marry. The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issues this certificate, her local register office can provide more information about this.

    These all need translating into Arabic/French and can be done in Tunisia very cheaply

    You and your fiance must have blood tests but they must be done i Tunisia - they take only minutes and is cheap.

    The actual wedding is the same as if you were marrying a Tunisian woman and so you must enquire at the marriage office at your beladiya about dates etc and decide where and how you will marry.
  • Islam - I have sent you an email as you asked for. Exactly the same at what Alethia has told you.
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