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Alternate documents to NOC from employer for our tour to Italy


Myself and my fiance is a citizen of India.

I'm getting married in December mid.

I plan to go to Italy for my honeymoon on a 7 day trip in the last week of December.

I have already scheduled the trip through a standard tour agent.

I plan to apply for Tourist visa for both of us in the last week of October.

I will be sponsoring this trip.

I have prepared the following documents:

- 6 month Bank statement with funds of about 3000 Euros for both of us . I believe this should be enough for day to day expenses since the entire trip is prepaid (Flight , internal transport and stay)

- NOC from my employer with confirmed leave dates and date of return to job

- 3 year Income Tax Return

- Wedding invite and Engagement photos

- NOC from fiance;'s parents since i'm applying for visa before getting married

- 6 month salary slip

- The tour agent has provided the full itinerary with confirmed bookings

- Proof of residence

- Copy of valid US visa

My fiance is working currently but she will not be working at the time of travel since she is quitting her job this month since she is relocating to be with me.

Thus its not possible to get NOC from her employer since she would not be their employee at the time of travel.

Is there any alternate document I can submit to show her strong bond towards India since i feel that not submitting NOC will make the visa office see her as a potential immigrant.

Or will a cover letter explaining for not providing NOC be enough?

Or apply once she has quit her job and show her as current unemployed?

I plan to apply for schengan visa this month since im travelling to US for a week in the month in 3rd week of November.

Thank you for your help and advice.


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    Why cant your fiancee wait to relocate and stay in her job until you apply for the visa?

    "I plan to apply for Tourist visa for both of us in the last week of October."
    You people make life so difficult for yourselves, a couple of weeks more in her job would not be the end of the world, so she can obtain the employment letter.
    Its highly likely without this that she will be refused.
  • @Alethia

    Thank you for your reply.

    I will talk with my fiance with the possibility of extending her job and to get the NOC letter.

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