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Schengen refused twice! Reapply?

I initially applied to Germany through a Travel agent and after a long wait my visa got rejected because they did find the hotel reservations convincing enough.
As per the suggestion of the travel agent, I applied again to Netherlands and that was rejected too. This time the reason was the that the travel ticket reservations are no longer valid. I had ensured that i made legitimate stay bookings that could be confirmed since this was a problem the last time. Basically, the agent booked dummy tickets and that turned out to be a problem.
I wanted to reapply to Netherlands but do it on my own this time with proper flight tickets and hotel reservations. All the other documents are in place viz. Tax fillings, employer NOC, salary slips. Bank account showing more than sufficient funds.

I am looking forward to some advice as i am quite frustrated at this point!


  • @mitraa
    Booking dummy tickets is very foolish, you are lucky you were not refused on the basis of supplying fraudulent documents.

    Do not go "visa shopping" that is applying to another country when another country refuses.

    Your documents sound fine but try to show you have strong ties to your home country
  • Thanks Alethia!
    I understand its very foolish and i did not know this is what was going to happen!

    However, this time i am doing it all on my own with all authentic reservations. I understand that i should not be going "visa shopping" but considering the fact that I have already applied to netherlands after germany refused, should i apply back to netherlands or to germany? My last attempt was at Netherlands and i thought i should apply back to Netherlands with a detailed cover letter explaining how i have solved the last discrepancy. I am also planning to show property and a loan against the property to indicate my ties to my home country and as a reason that i will be coming back. This is in addition to the employer certificate.
    I also plan to write a detailed cover letter explaining my itinerary and why I will be coming back.

    Any other suggestions that you may have that would help improve my chances?
  • @mitraa
    I suggest you reapply to the Netherlands. Your intentions and documents sound fine
    If you have the deeds to show your ownership of the property this may also help you by sending in a certified copy.
  • Thanks Alethia! Also, do you think, applying a third time would be looked upon in a negative light?
  • @mitraa
    You can apply a third time as there is a change of circumstances.
  • @Alethia you are so kind. Allah bless you and all those who think about others.

    I applied for Norway march 2015 in pakistan but I got rejected "Reason : u can visit a family not a friend. You are a student and no job. Bank statment missing. You are married but have no children (funny reason ).

    2nd time our university was sending 11 student for trip I'm Germany. They give 5 visa and refused 7. Reason : incorrect information . You will not come before your visa expire.

    my question is this.
    Now I am doing a private driver job with a UAE nationality. He want to take with me in Netherland for 10 days tour as a driver by his own expenses. He have UAE nationality so he will get visa in arrival. But I am afraid my two refuse with stamp in pasport may be the reason of refuse this time.
    What will you suggest me? I should apply or not ? Norway and Germany Refuse stamps on my passport.
  • @sadi
    This time you are employed you are no longer a student and you will be travelling with your employer. This is major change of circumstances.
    You will need :
    3 months bank statements
    proof of your employment and salary
    your marriage certificate (the fact you had no children is important as this demonstrates ties to your home) and any other ties to your home.
    Your employer must write a letter to show he is paying you airfare and all other costs.
    As well as the itinerary , hotel bookings etc.
    Good luck I hope all goes well for you
  • @Alethia it's mean these two refused stamp will not create a problem for getting visa this time ? Thanks
  • edited January 2017
    Each application is based on its own merit. Your past refusals should not be considered with a fresh application.
    Frankly your past applications were a mess no wonder you were refused.
    This time make an application with all the correct documents and you have a good chance of being granted a visa.
  • @Alethia You are so kind and helpful.Tnx for doing something for humanity.Allah bless you and all those who help others.
    bundle of tnx.
    Long live "love " peace and humanity
  • Hello Alethia Please help me understand something about schengen visa.I once apply for schengen visa to study in Denmark some part of last year,after my application process I was issued A letter with my passport .In the letter it was like (Refusal of residence permit)but there was no stamp within my my question is can I apply for a schengen visa at different Embassy for another program or will my biometric cause any problem '
  • @Josepher
    You can apply to another Embassy, just make sure you have better documents this time.
    Your biometrics will not be a problem.
  • Thanks so much Alethia .
  • Hi Alethia, I am hoping that you can help me. I am a UK citizen living in Thailand with my Thai Wife and 2 children both with UK & Thai passports. We are travelling to the UK April 19th and my Thai wife has received her UK visa no problems. We will also be spending approx 1 week in France staying at my Fathers house. My question is does my wife require an Attestation d'Accueil from my father or will other documents for proof of address ie utilities bill etc be acceptable. Any advise on this matter would be appreciated. Regards
  • @Gengastar
    An Attestation d'Accueil will be helpful but as the wife of a British citizen she has the right to travel throughout the EU with you and your British children.
  • My father had a conference in Amsterdam, and me and my mother want accompany his .
    And We had a invitation letter from Netherland and we got a appointment from Embassy, my father and my mother had a soon appointment from me, Unfortunately right now my parents got denied from Netherland Embassy without stamp in passport because the hotel reservation hasn't been confirmed, we didn't know that was cancelled and we got that from travel Agancy , and i will collect my passport after 2 weeks and I gave that cancell reservation hotel , Please help me
    Get a new appointment for my parents ?
    I think can confirm that cancell reservation and get a new booking
  • @sinajafari
    You can make your own visa appointments and this time make the reservation directly with the hotel
  • edited February 2017
    Thank you
    Yes I will get a new appointment for my parents
    And I will confirm that cancell reservation, I wait response from Embassy for me .
    If Embassy reject me , i will get a new appointment.
  • hi
    after a visa was denied do i need to cancel my reservations hotel and flight ?if not it will get problem in future
  • @esse
    Of course you need to cancel the hotel and airline reservations
  • Ok thank you. how many times can i need to reapply after a visa is denied.?
    I Have applied before for Belgium for visiting a friend it was denied and 3months later i applied for Spain tourism visa it's denied too and i am planning to reapply for Belgium again in 2019. do i doing visa shopping?
  • edited January 11
    There is no waiting time. You can apply straight away. You are not visa shopping.
    You need to look at why you were refused and change your visa application accordingly.
  • @Alethia I was refused for Schenghen Visa from czech republic following reason:The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.Plz suggest me something what should I do personal details i am work in dubai last ten years on tourism company sales Department.salary 1645 USD .financial statement 8500 USD.
  • @moshiur
    This type of refusal is not about income or money in your account. Something has gone wrong with your accomodation or travel arrangements or the documents you provided.
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