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Visa denied by Italy

edited October 2016 in Europe
I must confess you are doing a great job here..I was exploring the Internet to see if I could get a solution to my problem on my recent visa denial by the Italian embassy.. My wife and I applied for the Italian visa around August 2016.. Due to the present situation in my country it's getting harder and stressful for people living here to get visa out of the country, so a friend brought an idea to apply for an invitation to visit italy..The visiting invitation was based on the Cersaie 2016 Exhibition which took place at bologna italy on the 26th to 30th last month.. we submitted all the necessary documents, a company certificate of incorporation which my wife and I are both directors in the same company, the company bank statement, my personal bank statement with reference from my bank, my wife bank statement,the tax identification number, wedding certificate, birth certificate for our 2 kids, flight itinerary from an agent, hotel reservations for 6 days, and the invitation we printed from the Internet for the Exibition, the chairman also back it up with a letter that the company is sponsoring the trip with 2000 euro each, but the visa was been refused, the consular said YOUR VISA WAS REFUSED " THE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO JUSTIFY THE PURPOSE AND CONDITIONS OF INTENDED STAY WAS NOT RELIABLE "
I'm worried about this response from the consular now and I really need answers to this.. Both passport had a stamp with letter C written on it,I believe it shows that both passport has appeared at the Italian embassy, and with the reply from the consular. Pls I don't really understand what be meant, "the information provided to justify the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not reliable. " Are we denied because of the documents we use or the invitation we used to apply? Since the schenge use the same system, Can we still use the same passport to apply in another schenge or any other embassy? What is the probability that we won't have the same problem at another embassy if they see the stamp on both passport? Do you think getting a new passport and denying that we've not been refused before at any embassy will be the answer to the problem? Pls I look forward to your reply and I will so much appreciate it if I can get answers to my questions..


  • @whale80
    When you see "Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided" on a Schengen refusal, it usually means that they decided that the application was either 'incoherent', or not credible

    Incoherence means applications that did not successfully establish a premise for the visit. For example there is no apparent connection between the applicant's itinerary and his career, apparent life-style, or financial capacity. Here are some examples of inhorence.

    !. an applicant expresses interest in an event or geographic area for which there are no
    signs of previous interest;
    2. an applicant presents a letter of invitation from a sponsor whose relationship with the
    applicant is unclear or distant;
    3. an applicant is continually sponsored by the same person where there is no apparent
    justification for visiting that person;

    Some examples of credibility problems are...

    1. The applicant has an existing support network of friends or family that would easily
    enable them to break the rules;
    2. A disproportionate amount of income is being spent for the visit;
    3. The applicant has changed stories over the course of several interactions with
    Schengen officials and their credibility has been damaged;
    4. The decision-maker cannot determine if the funds really belong to the applicant;or
    were obtained legally
    5. Going on holiday out of season
    6. The applicant has a history of prior refusals and there is no visible change in
    7. The applicant's submission contains gaps or evidential shortfalls that cannot be
    8. The applicant is going to a location where previous visa holders have overstayed/not
    9. The sponsor has a dubious status, or has sponsored people who have entered broken
    the rules by not returning or overstaying
    10. The sponsor attempts to attest to things that are beyond his control (like
    guaranteeing that the person will not overstay).

    You can use your passport at another Embassy but your reasons for travel must be very different.
    What is your business and why were you going to a ceramic exhibition and did you know the person who sponsored you?
  • Hi Alethia, hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for your response and help , I really appreciate it and I understand everything you've said.. i guess the problem is from the invitation and not the sponsor because my wife and I are both directors in the logistics company that is sponsoring the trip.. I have 2 different jobs that generates income for me. Though we deal with local stuffs more and We both have shares in the company, my share is 30% and hers is 10%. I'm also a timber contractor, and I generate more money in the timber business than the other company.. I understand now that I can use my passport at another embassy. I would have applied as a tourist instead but I don't have a registered certificate for my Timber business, though I have enough in my personal savings account to sponsor the trip. I'm planning to apply with my wife as a tourist in another schenge embassy the next 2 or 3 months do you think it will be acceptable at the embassy if I register my timber business now and use the certificate of incorporation as one of the source where my income comes from? Can I still attach the logistic company certificate of incoporation with the application to show as part of the ties too? I have landed documents too but they don't accept that here.. I really think this people need applicants to show strong ties that he or she wont over stay. Pls I need your advise on this ...
  • I'm sorry if I'm asking too much ..If I decide to apply in another country and state it on my application that I've been denied before, i read it on a site that they normally tell someone to attach the denied paper to the new application and don't you think that reason why I was denied might cause another denial?
  • @whale80
    Your Schengen visa file is on record and can be viewed by any embassy caseworker in any Schengen country. So wherever you apply they will know already you have been refused
    Going to a ceramics exhibition when you own a timber company was ridiculous. I suggest you do register your company and apply as a tourist.
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