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Bring Afghan national wife to Germany, British children stay behind

Hi Alethia
I am a british citizen and i have four children who are living in afghanistan with my wife who is afghan national.
I would like to bring my wife to germany who is afghan national under surender singh route.
My question is that my three kids which are 6 8 9 years old want to stay with my mom in afghanistan for the time being, all i need to know is the german immigration is going to ask me about my three children that why you did not bring them with you is this going to be a problem i need your help i hope you understand what i mean.
Best regards


  • @Asif
    To bring your wife to Germany is not the Surinder Singh route.
    The Surinder Singh route is when after a few months of living and working in Germany you apply via an EEA application to bring your wife to the UK.

    As for your children, they are British citizens and can come and go to the UK and Europe as they please. You do not need to bring your children with you or tell the German authorities
  • Thanks very much from your lovely advice
    One mere question do i need to mention them in the application of my wife when she apply for german visa that i have three children.
    Best regards
  • @Asif
    You can mention the children but make sure you state that they are British citizens.
  • Thank you soo much Alethia
  • Hi Alethia
    One last question
    I am planing to bring my wife to germany in april 2017 if the uk comes out of eu will it be still possible to bring my wife to germany or the law is going to change.
    Best regards
  • @Asif, the laws may well change after Brexit but Alethia won't be able to predict at this stage exactly how they will change and whether it will affect your family's situation. A lot of people are wondering. Good luck!
  • Thanks dear any idea when the brexit is going to happen is it going to be next year or it will take some time.
  • @Asif
    I can't believe you are going to wait until April 2017 to bring your wife to Germany, you need to bring her now. By April 2017 your wife could been in the UK , if you take her to Germany now and apply in three months for the Surinder Singh route, what are you waiting for? The visa is free there are no language tests, I urge you to move quickly.

    Laws on BREXIT can change at any time we do not know. The laws will definately change and you may not be able to bring your wife, so you dont have time to delay.
  • Thanks Alethia
    There is one example which says
    Life is full up dificullity meet them greet them and try to depeat them. The problem is that i have family problem which will be sorted next year in april hopely.
    Otherway i am married since may 2006 when there was no trouble bringing wife strait to uk without english test in life sometime you cannot do that want.
    I hope you understand my problem
    Best regards
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