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Getting a Visa as a Refugee

edited October 2016 in - Tunisia
I am a Libyan refugee in Canada and I have travel document can I get visa from tuniSian embassy in Canada? cause I heard they don't give visa to people?


  • @alabane
    It depends on the type of visa you have and which countries accept a refugee travel document. I believe its highly unlikely that a Libyan refugee will be granted a visa for Tunisia for two reasons
    1. You are a Libyan refugee and given the high level of anti terrorism security in place I doubt you will be granted a visa
    2.The Tunisian authorities will believe that you will attempt to cross the border into Libya and as a refugee holding a Canadian travel document you cannot do that
  • Alabane - right now it's difficult for a Libyan to have a visa to Tunisia but I want to ask why you would want to leave Canada for Tunisia?? Mostly the Tunisians want to leave and go to Canada or anywhere else.
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