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Working Permission of UK Entry Clearance Holders

Hello everyone, I would like to know something.... my husband is holding UK Entry Clearance ( EEA FP : Family Member). Does he has right to work in UK with IT ? For any advice and help will be appreciated ! Thanks


  • @katya81
    Your husband cannot work until has a 5 year EEA family residence permit. At present he only holds a six month visa you need to apply as soon as possible for his residence permit.
  • Hi Alethia,nice to meet you and thank you for your reply. We are about to settle down in UK. What are the conditions for my husband to apply for residence permit?
    Thanks in advance!
  • @katya81
    As the EEA citizen you must be working or studying in the UK. I assume you will be working.
    Once you are working in the Uk As soon as you have evidence in the form of two payslips ,an employers letter,
    your bank statement showing your salary going and evidence of where you live in the UK.
    You then send the evidence with this form
    Your husband will then be issued with a residence permit, until he is granted the residence permit he cannot obtain a national insurance number and no one will employ him until he has the residence permit and national insurance number.
    You also need a national insurance number if you have not yet applied.
  • Hi Alethia,Thank you so much for your advice and information. We are about to travel to UK. Good to know all this. I am Bulgarian citizen. What do I need to represent for my first registration to obtain a National Insurance Number? And when can I get a bank account ?
    Thanks in advance!
  • @katya81
    This link will tell you how to apply for a national insurance number (NI) Your employer will need number this for social security and tax paymentsand you cant work until you have it.

    Your husband has the equivalent of a visitor visa so until he has the EEA residence permit he cannot work or apply for an NI number.

    Here are the links to three banks and the documents they need to open a bank account. You can also go into the banks and ask if you find that easier.
  • Thank you Alethia for all the information
  • Hi, I just went through the necessary documents for National Insurance Interview. Is it possible to represent marriage certificate, Form B , ID and driving licence ? I do not have birth certificate translated and stamped with Apostle.
    Thanks in advance
  • @katya81
    You may not be called for an interview and if you are they will tell you what documents to bring.
    I suggest you have your birth certificate translated, it does not need an apostille.

    You should also have a passport and an IDcard. The reason for this is that if you need to send your ID card to the British Home Office you will still have a form of identity if you need to travel.
  • Thank you so much for your help.
  • Please Alethia, how long do you have to wait till you get the National Insurance Number and can i look for a job whiles waiting for it? Thanks
  • @katya81
    Very few employers wiil allow you to start a job without your NI number but you can look for work.
    It take a minimum of two weeks to obtain an NI number.
  • Thanks Alethia
  • Hello Alethia. We have arrived safety in London. I have already made an appointment for NI- Number. They have explained to me what supportive documents I should bring at the interview. One of the thing I should bring is Proof of Address- either rent contract or bank statement . Bank account I cannot open yet till I get my NI,that's what I have been told at the bank branch. From the place where we are staying right now I can provide only water or light bills,or Tax Council which are at the land lord name . Will be that enough to take along with me. And at the phone conversation I have been told I will receive a letter with the whole information I need to know for my dated interview. They told me My Reference Number and the post code from the office I have to go .
    My consideration is that I have not received the letter yet,and my appointment is on Monday 24th. When I checked the post code they gave me on the phone it shows me A Job Office Center. Is that the correct place I should go?
    Thank You in advanced
  • @katya81
    Interviews for NI numbers are held at the Job Centre, so that is correct place.

    You cannot take a bill such as the Council tax in someone elses name everything must be in your name. Water and electric bill must be in your name.
    You must have a rent contract, the landlord should give you a contract.
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