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Do I need malaria tablets for Kenya

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Hi - I am going on a short trip to Kenya next month, flying in to Nairobi and visiting Mombassa. It's a business trip so I probably wont go to any national parks. Do I need to take Malaria tablets? I'd prefer not to. I know there is a malaria risk on the coast, but are there times of year when its ok?
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    Kenya has nasty malaria strains. Seasons matter, but I always take prophylaxsis when I make short trips.
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    Hey,its advisable you take prescribed malaria tabs when ever you travel to the tropics.
    with the challenges courtecy of global climate change,you never know.
    i and its recommend.
    davi nk
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    Hi - locals will not bother taking malaria tablets for Kenya, particularly in Nairobi. The altitude in Nairobi and the central plateau is high - something like 8000ft, and mosquitos are not in abudance, and malaria is rare. The coast is different, there are mozzies everywhere in certain seasons, and malaria is more likely. Your doctor will certainly advise you take malaria tablets, but they have to, my advice is dont bother if you are just going to Nairobi (or surrounding area) but do take malaria tablets for Mombassa and the coast. Whatever, use mosquito repelant and mozzie nets at the coast, and see a doctor immediatly if you get flu-like (malaria) symptoms. Hospitals in Kenya are probably better at dealing with Malaria than those in London, suprisingly.
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    Mogaka Dan..
    Hello a student at Moi University School of public Health... has come up with a project to control malaria and mulnutrition at the North Rift.

    but the challenge has always been antigenic variation of the plasmodium species..

    just hold on to it... all will be well in 3 years with him...

    meet him at the Association of public health officers seminar between 13-15 th october.
  • Hi, even if you are travelling for a short time its very important that you consult your doctor about the Malaria risk in the area you plan to travel to. They are best placed to advise you on which medication you should take, and if Malaria tablets are required they can also prescribe the most effective ones for the particular region you wish to visit. This varies from place to place so make sure you take the best ones for you. It's really not worth the risk of not taking them and hoping you won't get bitten! I hope this helps Mathieu and you have a brilliant time in Kenya, it really is a beautiful part of the world!
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    I have been in Kenya on and off for five years, and also in other countries with malaria. I've had malaria twice, but went to a doctor both times and soon recovered. Nobody needs to take those tablets, but if you don't take them you MUST go to a doctor immediately you feel unwell in any way. He'll give you a test, and if you have it, you'll always get better when you take the medication. People only die from malaria because they don't/can't afford to go to a doctor when they feel sick. Just relax, sleep under a net, but ALWAYS check with a doctor if you feel unwell.
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    Kenya has terrible Malaria strains.
    its advisable to take prescribed ante malarial dose more so now that's its short rains season coupled by the climate change.
    please seek your Physicians prescription.
    karibu Kenya.
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    I can only mirror the comments above. Before you plan any such trip always contact your doctor/travel clinic to ask their advice. They will look at the areas you plan to travel to and give you the most up to date information and advice. Malaria can be very serious so never leave this kind of thing up to chance!
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    I’m going to be working for 3rys, will I need to take malaria medication everyday, and which ones would you recommend. Thanks’
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    I would definetly take them in Mombasa. I always do when I am there. Just better to be safe in my opinion!
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    We are going to Zanzibar for aweek in June of next year,what vaccinations do we need and do we need Malaria tablets ?
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    It is highly advisable to take the tablets as a precaution. I live in Nairobi - Kenya, but whenever I travel to the coast I must take the tablets as coast is more pron to malaria than Nairobi. Therefore for your own seek, plse take the tabs

    Best wishes
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    Hi Rolo,

    You need two major vaccines; a) Malaria and b) Yellow fever. Kindly consult your doctor atleast 3 months before your travel

    Nice journey!
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    Wow! as i write this i got malaria 4 nt taking anti-malaria tabs going 2 coast. so,just b safe n take them. prevention is better than cure
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    is there an injection for malaria? What are the side effects of anti malaria drugs?
    thank you
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    Its advisable to take tablets dont ignore however you can but locally and get it delivered to you on arrival.check
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    Yes, you'll take anti-malaria medicines the whole time and even for a few weeks after you leave Kenya.
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    my son going to nairobi and surrounding areas for 1 week have spoken to doctor and he says does not need anti malaria tabs - does anyone think this is wrong
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    In my opinion having now visited Kenya a few times, there is no need to take malaria tablets if just going to Nairobi or nearby. At 5,449 ft above sea level the climate in Nairobi is moderate and too cold at night for mosquitos, so malaria is almost unheard of. It is a different matter if going to Mombassa or anywhere along the coast.
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  • Im going to Kenya at the end of September to the natural reserves in Lake Nakuru, Aberdares and Masai Mara...I have been advised by an international medicine doctor not to take the malaria tablets as it is dry season and we are just going for 5 days the risk is really low to get malaria. However, she said it is up to us but she wouldnt take them. I don´t know what to do...I would rather not....
  • I can't believe a doctor told you not to take malaria tablets. Safari areas and game parks are high risk areas all the year round, In fact apart from high altitude areas all of Kenya is high risk Take your tablets better to be safe than sorry
  • I spent five days in Mozambique once without taking malaria tablets, and even though I didn't contract the disease I really regret it. Without the tablets you're entirely susceptible, and will spend your entire trip worried about every mosquito as a single bite can infect you. Take the pills, and travel with peace of mind.
  • Misselbal, Anya is right - it's not worth worrying about it and you will enjoy your holiday so much more if you know you're protected. I would advise, however, that you carefully select which kind of medication to take as there are several kinds and some people react badly to some of them. I spent a holiday in Mozambique feeling really sick because of my malaria tablets - but that was back in the day when there weren't better options. Speak to your doctor about the best tablets to take.
  • Your Doctor was right, hope you made it. Only in coast region where you will require to take the meds. I am also a tour operator with a wealth of experience.
  • hi my name ahmed I am going Kenya Nairobi on 31 march do I need vaccine Hep a .already I have one on 14 sep 2014
  • Vaccination with the full, two-dose series of Hepatitis A vaccine lasts for at least 20 years in an adult.

  • its advisable to consult your doctor and have precautionary tablets if you will visit the Kenyan Coast.
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