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Denied visa from Italy

I am a resident of India and had applied for Schengen C Tourist visa for Italy in Delhi (India) through VFS but it got rejected on the ground "that the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable"(reason no 8). I had submitted confirmed flight tickets and hotel bookings plus a confirmation of Eurail global pass. I also attached bank statements, ITRs, fixed deposits of 67000 euros approx , property ownership proofs and wealth statement valuing over 678000 euros.
Apart from this we also showed a letter from my grandmother who is living with us sponsoring our trip and also attached her bank account statement which had around 10000 euros in her bank account and had credits of around 500000 euros in her bank as per last years statement .Absolutely clueless so as to what went wrong. Have lost around 4100 euros on bookings.

Please suggest is what to do


  • @aashray777
    Sorry to hear about your refusal. You never pay for flights or hotels until you are granted the visa.

    If you are a young single male this may account for your refusal. To appeal to the Italians you would need to hire an Italian lawyer which will be expensive, but you seem to have plenty of money.

    You cannot use your grandmother as a sponsor. A sponsor is someone in the country you are visiting who is financially supporting you.

    You state you have bought a Eurail pass, so was Italy the country you were going to stay in the longest?

    Standard refusals for "that the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable"(reason no 8). Are as follows_

    • The documents submitted could not ascertain your purpose of stay or relevant documents were not submitted.
    • The existence of a family relationship was not substantiated with adequate documentary evidence
    • The requested duration of stay is not consistent with any leave entitlements.
    • The flight and hotel reservation submitted has been canceled in the meantime
    • You have made contradictory statements on the purpose of stay.

    In future please do not post the same question multiple times.

  • Hi thanks for the prompt reply
    But I was traveling along with my wife so I wasn't single
    And I did my bookings through Airbnb and
    i was staying 7 nights in Italy and also 7 nights in Switzerland but since my landing port was Italy so I applied through Italy
    But we wish to travel again next year but have the fear of getting rejected again
    So please suggest what to do
  • Also will like to tell that we did not give a detailed itenary and also we did not have any documentary proof of our marriage apart from the photographs of our wedding which we shared along with our documents
  • @aashray777
    In your first post you claimed you had "submitted confirmed flight tickets and hotel bookings plus a confirmation of Eurail global pass."
    AirBnB is not considered to be a hotel booking
    I always urge clients to make resrervations through travel agents who will supply a complete itinerary
    Failing to supply an important document such as your marriage certificate will not help your application.

    Please stop posting duplicates pof your answers I have deleted your duplicate responses.
  • Yaa sorry for that
    But all the bookings that we made through Airbnb were all fully paid and also non refundable
    Do you feel this might be the reason for not granting us the visa
    Or non supplying of the marriage certificate could be a reason

    I will also like to tell that both of us had a virgin passport do you feel even this could be the reason
  • But we did attach our marriage photographs
  • @aashray777
    Are you joking when you think that wedding photos are the same as a marriage cerificate?
    If you think this then you are an idiot.

    I have used Airbnb and the full fee is not released until you enter the rented property so its not paid in full.
    It is irrelevant that you had new unused passports. Lack of documents and incorrect travel bookings is why you were refused.
  • @Alethia

    I apply for Norway tourist visa through VFS in Nigeria i got my application back today and was surprise to read that i was rejected that the document i provided a false/counterfeit/forged travel document was presented
    (i have traveled to France in August and didn't over stay)
    I was told that The Foreign Service Mission have reasonable doubts as to the authenticity of the supporting document submitted by the applicant or the veracity of their contents

    Reference is made to the fact that the applicant according to our findings probably has submitted a false bank statement

    The applicant for a visa is therefore denied.

    I was urge to submit my comments and any supporting document in Norwegian or English(The bottom line is i face a risk of expulsion,First of all my account are legit am surprise with all this and how do i scale from the expulsion)

    Thank you in advance in answering this questions
  • @kebby
    The onus is upon you to prove your bank statements and other documents you submitted are not fraudulent. The Norwegians are one of the few countrties with a decent appeal system and I suggest thats what you do.
  • @alethia
    Thank for the swift reply, can you tell me what to do about the expulsion.
  • @kebby
    I have already explained , you must give evidence proving your documents are legitimate
    and submit an appeal. If you are successful in the appeal this will stop any expulsion or ban.
  • @Alethia Thank you very much,should i send the appeal to norway?
  • edited October 2016
    With every refusal you are given the address where to appeal, the address is on the refusal documents.
    Schengen visa appeal can take a form of a simple letter in which the you explain why you think your Schengen visa application has been wrongly rejected and provide evidence to prove in your case that your documents were not fraudulent.
    You have only 21 days to submit your appeal from the date of refusal.
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