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Malaria in Uganda - should I take tablets

edited August 2009 in - East Africa
Hi - I am thinking about going to Uganda shortly on vacation. The general advice seems to be to take malaria tablets but I would prefer not to. Whats the malaria risk in Uganda, can I 'risk it'? I guess the hospitals are good at dealing with malaria. Anyone an expert on Uganda who can advise whether to take malaria tablets? Thanks a lot
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    I have traveled to Africa around 40 times as a missionary and no longer take malaria medication because I have found that taking B Complex tablets keep the mosquitos away from me. The tablets should contain B1, B6, and B12 as each of these are recommended and I have found them all to work. This does not work for everyone but it certainly does for me. The Health Department tells me malaria medication is only around 85% effective and then on certain strains of malaria so there is always a risk. If vitamin B works, there should be no risk.
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