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Remarks on Schengen visa: France

edited October 2016 in - Egypt
i have ETATTS SCHENGEN visa applied from france embassy in Egypt. it is c visa mutliple entry . there is remarks ( G. DELDEBES) so what that remarks mean?


  • @elgedi
    It sounds like the name of the person who issued the visa.
  • i got that schengen visa according to invitation from conference in france but i didnt attend at that conference in the time . but i will visit france in another time...there is any problem?
  • thanks Alethia,could you answer my last question please?

  • @elgedi, I don't know the details but if you were granted a multiple entry Schengen visa you can use it whenever you like until it expires.
  • thanks.
    in tha airport they ask for the reservation of hotels, what about airbnb booking?
  • @elgedi
    If you were granted a single entry visa to attend a conference and did not attend you need to check the validity of your visa. . A single entry visa is granted for a specific trip.
    Unless you have a multiple entry visa you cannot travel when you like.

    It sounds as if you have completly changed your trip to the one you were granted the visa for and this could be a problem.
  • Alethia is correct @elgedi, you said above it was a multiple entry visa but you better be absolutely sure. Even if it is multiple entry you always need to carry proof of sufficient funds and evidence of the reason for your trip and where you'll be staying etc. (you are meant to carry all the documents that allowed you to get the visa in the first place but as you have completely changed the timing and purpose of your trip you won't be able to do this so just provide the supporting documents for your new trip plus the evidence you originally used for proof of sufficient funds and ties to home). Using an AirBnB booking to apply for a visa isn't ideal but if you have already been granted the visa and you are just needing the proof of accommodation and itinerary to show border control it will probably be fine.
  • thanks
    i am a veterinary doctor , the first conference which i coudnt join was in france , i have its invitation letter,it was in september, but in november there is another trade show for veterinary medicine in Hannover .Germany and i have its tickets, so my plane is to stay 4 days in paris then go to hannover for 3 days then come back to paris..whats your advice in this case?? visa is c and multi
  • You need to carry evidence of proof of funds, evidence of your accommodation in both France and Germany, and proof that you are attending the trade show. Also take along any documents you used to apply for the visa that are still relevant (like proof of ties to home).
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