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Tunisian and Bulgarian Marriage query

edited October 2016 in - Tunisia
Hi, i have freind of mine , Tunisian CItizen , and his Girlfreind is a Bulgarian CItizen but she live in UK for the last 10 years
they want to marry and get together so whats the process thank you so much ?


  • @hafith

    Your friend and his Bulgarian girlfriend will need to marry in Tunbisia for this they will need the following:-
    1. You will both require your passports
    2. The Bulgarian lady will need a Certificate of no impediment - a document showing her single status and ability to enter into marriage. She will get this from the Bulgarian Embassy and it must be translated into French or Arabic.
    3.If theyhave been divorced - original document of divorce translated to French or Arabic
    4. Her birth certificate issued no older than 21 days previous to marriage date

    All these documents must be originals and must be translated into Arabic/French - this can be done quickly and cheaply in Tunisia. They need to be certified and this can be done by the translator.

    5. Both of you will need blood tests prior to marriage. These must be done in Tunisia and can be ordered by a doctor and you will have the results the same day. The doctor will need to approve and certify the results of these blood tests.

    After the wedding your Tunisian friend will need to apply to the British embassy for an EEA six month family permit. His Bulgarian wife will need to prove she is living and working in the UK. Once in the UK he will need to apply for a 5 year residence permit as the spouse of an EEA national.

  • @Alethia thank you so much and if i have anotehr question ill let you know!
  • @alethia Hi im tunisian man married to Bulgarian woman, applyed for spouse visa, but i wanted to know i can drive in bulgaria with my tunisian driving licenes or i need bring some papers with me to apply in immgration service for a bulgarian drving licens ?
    thanks !
  • @guerradios
    I have no idea if you can drive in Bulgaria. Ask your wife to find out
  • @guerradios - you will have to have your permit Alethia says ask your wife.
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