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Cultural or historical sites in St Lucia, Caribbean?

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Hi all. I am taking a trip on a cruise liner to St Lucia for some real time out! And I am really looking forward to it. As much as I'm interested in the sea and sunshine, are there any cultural/historical sites of interest that I could spend some time exploring? I would appreciate any advice. I was also hoping someone could advise me about the time of year... What month of the year would make for the best vacation in St Lucia? Thanks in advance!


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    December to April is peak holiday season but May and June is also ok.
    St Lycia is a mountainous small island with lovely beaches. I wouldnt say there was much in the way of cultural or historical sights.
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    Why not check out Word Travels' free St Lucia guide?

    Alethia is correct in saying that the major draw to the island is the terrain and beautiful beaches, but if you look for them, I'm sure you will find other attractions, perhaps lesser-known ones, that may be of interest to you. Check it out here. Soufriere, for example, in the south is the oldest settlement on the island, perhaps that's the sort of thing you had in mind? Have a look and see what sparks your interest.
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    Thank you Alethia, LucyH. Appreciate the advice. I'm going to be there around May, so I think that should work well - perhaps I'll miss out on the hordes of visitors in April, which I will only be grateful for! The guide you've provided is very helpful, thank you. Definitely some things there worth checking out. I also like the sound of the jungle biking trails, that's something different and fun I would imagine.
    Many thanks.
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