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Living in Cairo

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i am coming to cairo for a year on a job. i want to have suggestions n information about life in are people, apartments, dress codes, traffic and weather of Cairo..plz help me..!!


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    i also wanna know how much a luxury centrally heated n cooling apartment costs???and is renting a car on monthly basis is advisable?????
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    Hi Munali, welcome to Cairo!

    Quick questions, what is your nationality or where are you coming from and where is your office based? People are generally friendly, helpful and kind. However, nothing is done straight forward especially if you need to fix things at home which I'm sure you will once you move in. A lot of things look good and shiny at first glance, people are very materialistic and status concerned here, it's the culture and things you buy don't work as it should, not great quality. It can be quite a hassle and frustrating at times, not easy living here especially for women. Living standards are pretty low and food is cheap. If you are coming on your own, it might be quite tough adjusting for a while, however if your family is with you that would be good as you would want to cook and eat at home, food hygiene and cleanliness is not a priority here, a lot of food poisoning especially if you eat out. Then again, there are also some clean ones around like in REHAB housing area where I live and City Stars shopping mall. Muslim dress codes, so nothing short and exposed, especially for women, men generally wear shirt and pants suit to work with tie, outside casual wear with long pants. Traffic is horendous, more people die on the road everyday, no safety or proper driving skills, people drive in the middle of the lines instead of sticking to the lanes, bumper to bumper driving space and don't use signal, only honk, honk, honk. Once you get the hang of it and are familiar with their way of driving, you might be brave enough to drive although bear in mind the traffic congestion. It's hard to find any car with dents or damage to it on the road. Egyption population close to 80 million people, about 20 million living in Cairo city itself, so imagine the cars and very bad air quality. If you live at outskirt suburbs, it's okay to drive as nice highways. Weather has been about 42-45 Deg Celcius - last month (very hot summer months - July & August) but it's got cooler about 38 Deg. C at the moment, quite pleasant in the mornings and late evenings. Winter - Dec to Mar quite pleasant - it's arid desert climate here, occassionally you get sandstorms and low visibility. Apartments are not too bad, just got to find the right one with basic furnishings and clean to start with. Hope this is sufficient idea for you. Once you have adjusted to living here, you will like it and at the same time laugh of all the experiences you have overcome with a pinch of salt and pepper.
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    I'm doing an assignment on Cairo and I have to sell people a holiday there over lots of other cities like Paris,Tokyo etc.
    Can anybody help me?
    It is due in a week
    I would really appreciate if you could give me some websites with some information or even a personal experience when you went to Cairo
    Please Help
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