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Marriage in Turkey for foreigners

edited November 2016 in Expat Advice
My boyfriend and I planning to join each other in Turkey and if possible to get married there.
He is German and I`m from Iran. I`d like to know if we can marry in Turkey on a visitor visa and if yes what cities in turkey we can refer to for such purpose?
And can I then apply for a family reunification visa from German embassy in turkey?
Is such marriage options for foreigners and getting visa from German embassy possible at the current time in Turkey?

Thank you for your good help here 


  • @bahar222

    You can definitely marry in Turkey on visit visas. The wedding is a non religious civil ceremony that is recognised throughout the world.
    You can marry anywhere in Turkey there is no special place but you will need a Turkish translator as everytbing is in Turkish.

    There is no reason why you cannot apply for your family reunification visa from Turkey.
  • thanks a lot for your help
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