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Divorce in Australia from Tunisian man

edited November 2016 in - Tunisia
Hi there
I need advice from Australia and got married last year in tunisia to a tunisian man. Since then our marriage has broke down.i live in Australia and would like to get a divorce. He wont divorce me from tunisia as revenge he says.Can i divorce him in Australia? And if so would i still be married in tunisia if i get divorced from him in Australia?


  • @michaline2016
    Of course you can divorce in Australia and your divorce will be internationally recognised. Are you intending to marry another Tunisian?
    If not why are you concerned your divorce wont be legal in Tunisia.?
    Once your divorced send your ex husband a copy of the final divorce decree and let him have the divorce registered there.
    In Tunisia marriage is mentioned on a persons birth certificate your ex husband will want the marriage off his birth certificate so he can marry again.
  • @michaline2016 - did you register your marriage with births/deaths/marriages. If so it is easy for you to file for divorce in Australia. As @Alethia has explained this is not a problem and your husband must have the divorce noted on this birth certifictae
  • @Lesley
    If @michaline2016 has not registered her marriage in Australia does that mean she is not legally married in Australia and does not need a divorce?
  • Hi guys...thankyou for ur not registered married in Australia but will still file for divorce in Australia...he refuses to divorce me in tunisia...but i want to remarry there but i dont think i will be able to
  • How can i request his birth certificate to find out if he has divorced me or not without me knowing?
  • @michaline2016
    Why dont you ask your new Tunisian boyfriend to apply for your husbands birth certificate
    From the ministry.
    Cant believe you would make the same mistake surely once bitten twice shy
  • Im not marrying another Tunisian

  • @michaline2016 - if your marriage is not registered in Australia I don't think that there is a way you can divorce in Aus (I'm an Aussie who is on holiday in Australia but live in Tunisia). In order for you to marry in Tunis you will need divorce documents but you won't need your ex's birth certificate. Anyone can request a birth certificate in Tunisia - if you know someone there then they can get it for you and it can be at any municipality.
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