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Am I banned from Schengen?

edited November 2016 in Europe
I will be thankful if you help me about something that I'm still not sure and don't know what to do...

First i have italian convention passport, it means refugee passport for 5 years

Last month i went from munich to oslo and everything was ok i had both tickets like go to norway and also come back i went to norway only for 10 days it was 8th day they caught me they brought me to police station after fingerprinting and everything he said you don't have any problem but while we were talking about where i live we misunderstood each other and he understood that i was out of italy for 10 months whichs really not true so they brought me to prison after 3 days in immigration prison they said to me 2 years you are not allowed to come to norway and schengen area i was shocked i was asking why why schengen no body listen to me you know how is norway with italy? They always find a reason to sent back italian immigrants and i arrived to milano italy police in italy just brought me to police station and copied my passport and they said to me go i said what go i must complain without any reason they did that with me but in italy police didn't say that you are banned from schengen and i looked my passport there is no stump nothing ....
So now i want to know how can i know that I'm banned from schengen and when it's true
Do i can flight from another schengen country i mean just flying??

Thank you all


  • @ karzanlak
    You will find you are banned when you try to apply for a Schengen visa. All Schengen countries share information on banned persons

    The Italian police would not know you are banned as they are not part of the Schengen system.

    Something about your story does not make sense.
    Why would Norwegoan police catch you if you were legal and doing nothing wrong?
  • How can i apply to get a visa for schengen area i mean with my document i don't need a visa if i go to schengen country i can stay there 3 months until 6...

    And why they sent me back to italy bcoz they said to me you have italian refugee passport you can't stay in another country more than 90 days so they said to me you were in austria 10 months which is really not true and they didn't have any arguments!!!!
    It was just miss understanding between me and this police it was 11 o'clock in the night without having my mother tongue translator we were talking english after then he thought i say im living in austria and im since 10 months in austria i said to him its not so but they just wanted to sent me back they didn't that right what they did with me? Without argument?!!
  • Can anyone help me?
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