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Recent Deportee from South Korea

edited November 2016 in - South Korea
Good Day everyone I am a filipina recently deported 27th Oct 2016 I used to go back and forth to Korea as tourist Sponsored by my Husband. (US ARMY) for 2years until I found out that our marriage is invalid by not having MILITARY ID. To make the story short I over stayed in Korea 3 yrs. Trying to fix my issues before I go home, sadly I got caught by police and immigration detained for 5 days in hwaseong. I still want to go back as English Translator or if I get married to a Korean is it possible to go back and how long?


  • @kit02
    You should understand that you are atutomatically banned from Korea for between 2 and 5 years after you have been deported.
    Thos ban will not be lifted even if you marry a Korean
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