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Additional requirement for visa - source of funds

This is Yash,23,single. Have applied for the Austria visa for tourism for 8 days with all the required documents including proof of my recently started business firm and bank account statement of last six months. Recieved a letter from austrian embassy(Delhi) asking to show the source of funds deposited by cash in my account.My account shows cash deposits of about 1 - 1.25 lakhs INR at intervals within last 3-4 months. Will it be okay if I say that I recieved as cash gift and some savings over a year? If not than what will be a good answer to give? @Alethia


  • @patelyash36
    Try telling the truth
  • edited November 2016
    @Alethia truth is that I recieved some money in cash when father sold a property of his and thn deposited in bank in regular interval with an intention to pay proper tax on it. But I am worried they might wont approve me then as it can be counted as black money. Ill state this to them after your opion. This is my first time applying for visa so bit nervous.
    P.S. I really appreciate your response :)
  • @patelyash36 and how did you manage with that source of fund? Did you get visa?
    @Alethia is it mandatory now that the applicant must show the source of fund?
  • @musi
    If you have deposited large amounts of money in your bank account you must show where the money came from
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