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Moving back to SA- need to find out if I have lost my SA citizenship?

Hi There,
I was born in the UK but when I was a child my parents moved to SA, I had permanent residence and then when I was 22 I became a citizen by naturalisation. My husband is a born south african. We moved to the UK 17 years ago. We are now wanting to move back to SA but I don't know if I have lost my citizenship? I still have my SA ID book that states SA citizen. I have been in touch with the SA high commission and they told me to fill in and send off the B1-529 form the determination of citizenship status. I got a email from them today advising me to apply for a SA passport which I have never had before, I have always used my british passport. The forms they told me to send off for are DHA-73 and DHA-9. If I get a SA passport will I loose my British passport and will I have problems in the future if I ever decide to return to the UK? I also have been told that I can go back there and sort out my paperwork over there as it would be quicker that way. The gentleman I spoke to at the high commission said I won't need a visa when going back, I must go back under the 90 days clause and then go to the high commission over there and ask for a extention until my documents get sorted. Has anyone got advise for me? I am not used to travelling, the only time I have was coming over to the UK 17 years ago and I have never left since. I am scared that when I get to the airport I will have problems if I don't have a visa and they won't let me into SA. Advise PLEASE? Very confused.


  • @ruthmchardy
    British citizens do not need a visa for South Acrica and can stay for 90 days plenty of time to sort out your SA passport.

    You will NOT loose your British citizenship as the UK allows dual citizenship. There are thousands of British citizens who also hold South African citizenship.

    You are confused and worrying uneccesarily
  • @ruthmchardy, Alethia is absolutely right, many South Africans are dual citizens and it isn't a problem. Once you have your South African passport (which you can apply for from the UK if you prefer) you must just familiarise yourself with the rules about which passport to travel on - South African citizens must travel into and out of South Africa on their South African passports. If you use your British passport to enter or leave the country you will be fined.
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