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Best time to visit Budapest?

I'm looking for advice on the best time of year to visit Budapest, Hungary? I see that the peak tourism season is summer, as with most of Europe, but in my experience the crowds can be offputting. Does Budapest get very crowded in the summer months? And is there another time of year to visit when the weather is pleasant? Thanks!


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    @Kahlan I agree with you about skipping crowds and although I haven't been to Hungary I generally prefer the shoulder seasons in Europe for exactly that reason. Check out this climate in Budapest page. Sounds like April/May is a good bet.
  • @Kahlan
    I spent a wonderful week at Christmas time in Budapest. No crowds except in the Christmas markets which were super.

    I have also spent a a few days in the summer (June) and did not find it too crowded.
    Both times I stayed at the Starlight Suites
  • Thanks! I do like the sound of those Christmas markets. And good to have a climate guide.
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