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visa requirement for indian passport holder with schenegen visa

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I have indian passport and my wife has british passport. I have schengen visa for europe and we are going on cruise of adriatic sea touching croatia. do I need to apply for visa


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    I am travelling on 11th sept so please let me know as soon as possible
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    Hi Sudha,
    If you are going on a organize cruise with cruisers they will get you collective visa for all passengers to all destinations that you are going to visit so you don’t need to apply for Croatian visa specially.

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    Hi Croatia Expert, I'm travelling withy my wife in 2 weeks with Costa on a cruise through Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia (Dubrovik). I do not have a problem as german, but my wife as tunisian does. I've called many times at the croatian ambassy in Germany and I was told at least twice that I do not to worry as I just need to fill out some form on the ship in order to get a visa once arrived in Dubrovnik. I'm still worrying about it as I'm getting different answers here and there. Is it indeed possible to get a visa on the ship for those 5 hours in Croatia?
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