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When to apply for Czech visa?

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Hi, I am a Czech citizen living in Istanbul i Turkey. My boyfriend is a Turkish citizen, university student. We want to go together to Czech for Christmas so he needs to apply for visa. We are nervous about it because a few months ago he wanted to go to UK with tier4 student visa to improve his English but he got refusal because they did not believe he is a real student. Then we wanted to go to France for holiday bit he got refusal. We wanted to go somewhere for short holidah. after that we got a tip to go to Greek island Kos for weekend. But on Thursday again he got refusal. We really want to go to Czech togrther because we are also planning to get married.

Should we wait a bit with another application, the Czech one, or apply immediately now? I really hope it will be ok this time and he will get the visa.


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    After so many refusals it is highly unlikely that your boyfriend will be granted a visa. All these countries share information and your boyfriend is obviously considered to be a high risk
    You just wrote about a Turkish citizen running away in another post, this type of behaviour is the reason why young men are often refused.

    If you marry it will need to be in Turkey as he will not be granted a visa to enter Czech Republic for marriage. After marriage you can apply for a family visa to enable him to live with you.
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