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Will my Italian Visa be granted?

edited November 2016 in - West Africa
I apply for Italy visa and i submitted. All documents but i have lost my birth certificate and Marriage certificate years back and i did sworn affidavit, that is all i get, although i have my wedding pictures. Then i realize this channel today but i have submitted my application almost 2weeks ago.. but when i read all your comment i got confused because i submitted online reservation.

This is all that i submitted- Valid Passport
Filled and signed application form
Employment Letter from Employer stating my post and salary
Introduction Letter from Employer stating my position and reference
Approved leave letter from Employer stating when my leave will start and end.
Comply I,D Card and Complementary card
Flight Itinerary, Travel Health Insurance, Booked by Travel agent
Hotel reservation booked by
sworn affidavit for marriage and birth certificate has the original got lost in past year.
Tax clearance for past 3years
6 month bank statement from bank at the balance of over 4million
reference Letter from my bank addressing directly to embassy
Reference letter form my husband on government letter headed paper as senior officer under
government stating his in support of my traveling
My children birth certificate, and all property document but it was returned back to me as they don't
accept property paper, wedding picture took in 1996 and family pictures was returned back as well

so this is all that i submitted. so what will my outcome be please.


  • Then i traveled to Israel in August on pilgrim for 10days as part of my leave as well. And this time am using the rest of my leave has i must use all my remaining leave before new year.
  • edited November 2016
    I have not the faintest idea if your visa will be granted.
    You should obtain certifed copies of your birth and marriage certificates as an affidavit stating you lost them is worthless
  • okay so how do i go about it, will i take the copies to commissioner of oath
  • i am very grateful you answer my question, thanks a million
  • @shollly
    Most countries issue legal copies of birth and marriage certificates.
    In Europe UK USA Canada Australua these documents are very important obviously in your country they are not
  • Gm Alethia , in my country they only issue affidavit, stamped in the court and registered in the file. That is what have been using for all my document since a year now, Banks, Promotions, and anywhere i needed it. so i didn't know what to do.
  • There is no magic answer here, Sholly. Schengen Visas are (rightfully) difficult to obtain and the Schengen officials do not like missing documentation.

    Good luck.

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