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Do fingerprints affect reapplication of refused visa?

edited November 2016 in - India
@Alethia very good morning,

My father who is from india, retired director of a college, he applied for spain visa in june 2016.
but he got refused with following reason : justification for purpose and condition of intended stay was not provided.
your intention to leave the country of member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.

I think they gave this reason, because I am the only son and I am living in spain, i sent him the invitation letter so they must be thought that he would like to live with his son rather than in india alone(because my mother died some years before), where even he has money or property.
This was not the plan, he planned to go back after some days where he has his friends, daughter and family business.

but however past is past.

I really would like him to visit me and see that I have a nice job here meet my friends and that i am well settled here etc.., what was his dream,

So I thought, inviting him in another country with help of a friend who can send him an invitation letter. and also that now he start working like principal in another very small private school, so he has a job to show another tie with India.

But now the BIG question is, if he says he already gave fingerprints and they know he got refused because in the question 26, whether you had a visa or not, the answer is no, and fingerprint answer is yes.
and in case if he says no, say a lie and gives again the fingerprint.

whether he say yes or no that he had already fingerprint given?

I would appreciate, if you could help me.

Thanks in advance.

have a lovely day!


  • @nini
    Visa shopping that is trying other countries after one country has refused a visa is picked up on the VIS this is a system
    of biometric information shared by all Schengen countries
    Your father is correct his fingerprints (biometric data).and his refusal are now on file with the VIS and will make tbings very difficult
  • Thank you @Alethia for you answer,

    so you say should he re apply for spain again?
    or he can apply for italy and explain why they didn't give the visa ?

    Thank you very very much!
  • @nini
    No matter which Schengen state your father applies to the caseworkers are aware that once in the Schengen zone he can travel to you in Spain. Your father needs to reaaply and show very strong ties to India. You make no mention of your mother or any dependents he may have. A pension his home and land are all strong ties
  • Thank you again for answer,

    He will have to mention of my mother as there is a blank: married/single/widow.

    So you suggest, not telling them why the spanish embassy refused and show them his new job, Land, his pension as ties to india.

    or should he tell that he applied for spanish embassy but due to not showing bank statements and job status(even he did), they refused the visa(something like this)

    and I am sorry to disturb you again and again.
  • @nini
    Your father needed to show his marriage certificate your birth certificate to show he really is your father. Not just tick the box on thd form

    I already explained that the VIS system knows your father has been refused and tbis will show up wherever he applies.
    He needs to show strong ties tl his home country
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